BORN TO RUN: Springsteen Cover Band Bails Trump Inauguration, Twitter ERUPTS With Hilarity

January 16, 2017

Out Of Respect For Springsteen, B-Street Band Cancels Appearance At Inaugural Gala It’s no secret Donald Trump and his team…

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Twitter EVISCERATES Trump Over ‘Sad!’ Attempt To Insult Civil Rights Hero John Lewis (TWEETS)

January 14, 2017

Donald Trump Tries To Take On John Lewis Donald Trump began the day in a sad, weak attempt to insult…

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What Ann Coulter Just Said Made White Nationalists Lose Their Minds

January 8, 2017

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter can’t seem to resist stirring up trouble, and she did it again Thursday by posting a…

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Actually, Mr. Trump, Only ‘Stupid People’ Think Being Russia’s B*tch Is A ‘Good Relationship’

January 7, 2017

TweetStorming With Trump It looks like Twitter is going to continue to be the preferred mode of communication for President-Elect…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Just TERMINATED Approval Obsessed Trump With Explosive One Liner (VIDEO)

January 6, 2017

On the day President-elect Donald Trump should be focused on a heavy intelligence briefing related to the Russian hacking fiasco…

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Sen. Kaine Asks If Trump’s NSA Pick Is Smarter Than ‘A 4th Grader’ After Falling For ‘Fake News’

January 5, 2017

Kaine Doubts Most 4th Graders Would Believe Flynn’s ‘Fake News’ Former Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine accused National Security…

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Chinese Media HUMILIATES Trump In Epic Passive Aggressive Takedown Of Twitter Diplomacy

January 4, 2017

China Hopes That Trump Learns How To Do Diplomacy Soon President-elect Donald Trump keeps tweeting about China, and China is bemused.…

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GOP Rep Polls Twitter About Repealing Obamacare And Promptly Gets Obliterated

January 4, 2017

Twitter Poll By GOP Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn On Obamacare Goes Awry The new Congress, still led by the GOP, has…

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