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Obama Made His Own Joe Biden Meme and the Internet is Going F**king Insane

November 20, 2017

Barack Obama Tries His Hand At Joe Biden Memes And Wins Twitter Last year, social media fell in love with…

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Joe Biden’s Parting Gift: Ushering $6.3 Billion Health Bill Into Law

December 8, 2016

Massive Bipartisan Cures Bill Funds Cancer Research, Mental Health Since losing his son Beau to cancer, Vice President Joe Biden…

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Stephen Colbert And Joe Biden Sit America Down For A Hilarious ‘Dad Talk’ About Donald Trump

December 7, 2016

The Dads Have A ‘Family Meeting’ To Talk About Incoming Trump Administration Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden joined late-night funnyman Stephen…

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These Joe Biden Memes Are Hilarious And Just What This Country Needs Right Now

November 13, 2016

Joe Biden, Obama Duo Charm Internet One Last Time Before Leaving White House oe Biden is, in popular imagination, America’s…

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Joe Biden Proves He Is President Obama’s BFF With One Perfect Tweet

August 4, 2016

Joe Biden To His Buddy Barrack: Happy Birthday! Today is President Obama’s 55th birthday, and there was no way Vice…

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Joe Biden Rips Trump’s Xenophobic ‘Un-American’ Anti-Immigrant Bulls**t *(VIDEO, Tweets)

June 25, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a castle in Dublin, Ireland, couldn’t resist the chance to rip Donald Trump for…

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‘You Are A Warrior:’ Joe Biden Writes An Amazing Letter To Stanford Rape Survivor

June 9, 2016

Biden’s letter is packed with emotion Vice President Joe Biden weighs in on the Stanford rape case. ice President Joe…

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Biden Eviscerates GOP For Acting Like Toddlers On Supreme Court Nominee (AUDIO)

March 25, 2016

The Obstructionist Party Since the death of extremely conservative and reckless Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia, House Majority Leader Mitch…

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Joe Biden Just Made The Oscars Stand Still In This Amazing Appearance (VIDEO)

February 29, 2016

VP Biden demanded efforts to stop sexual abuse at Oscar night Vice President Joseph Biden made an appearance at last night’s Oscars.…

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America Needs A First Family Who Actually Represents Them

January 13, 2016

When you elect a President you elect much more than just that man or woman. You elect their family, their…

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