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Proof That Trump Suckered Christians With ‘War on Christmas’ Rhetoric

December 26, 2017

Obama said “Merry Christmas” as Trump said a “Happy Holiday”… President Donald Trump said he was “proud to have led the charge against the assault” on the phrase “Merry Christmas.” The 45th president also posted two tweets using the phrase.…

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The 10 Most Bizarre Moments From Trump’s Insane Boy Scout Speech (VIDEO)

July 25, 2017

Donald Trump’s Boy Scout Speech Left Many Baffled Donald Trump gave a speech before America’s youth yesterday and, as befitting of a president, gave a hopeful, inspirational address… Just kidding. Donald Trump got in front of a crowd of 30-to-40,000…

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Twitter Eviscerates Bill O’Reilly After Fox Gives Him the Boot

April 19, 2017

Now that Fox News has caved in to pressure from advertisers and actually canned Bill O’Reilly because of his multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, the internet is having a feeding frenzy. It’s party time for his haters. Especially on Twitter, notes…

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Fox News Wishes For A CRUEL CHRISTMAS, Calling For An End To Food Stamps

December 28, 2016

[Note (12/30/2016): See the update to this story and Fox’s correction here.] Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men That’s the spirit of Christmas and the crass marketing slogan so fiercely defended by the Christmas Warriors at Fox News. Which makes…

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Jewish Family Wrongly Blamed And Harassed In Fox’s ‘War On Christmas’ Crusade

December 22, 2016

UPDATE: 12/22/2016 7:15 PM PST: The Anti-Defamation League investigated claims that a Jewish family fled their home due to threats following false stories about the cancellation of a school Christmas play. They found that the family actually left on a…

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Fox News Fires Shot In War On Christmas, Gets Hilariously Carpet Bombed By Twitter (TWEETS)

December 2, 2016

Fox News Happily Tweets Donald Trump Taking On War On Christmas, But It Didn’t Go As Planned Thanksgiving is over and the month of December has dawned on us, which can only mean one thing: the bloody (and phony) War…

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Christmas Is A Vapid, Commercial Holiday: Let’s Keep It That Way

December 6, 2015

“For one, Christmas wasn’t even Jesus’ birthday,” My mother might’ve said. can still remember the conversations we had; a bible each, some tracts and literature between us, sitting at the dinner table talking about why Christmas is immoral. My mother…

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Pope Francis Declares War On Christmas

November 23, 2015

It’s ‘war on Christmas’ season again, but Pope Francis is more worried about actual wars. The season is upon us. It is that magical time of the year when the airwaves resonate to the sounds of stalwart folk defending Christmas…

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Ted Cruz Forms National Prayer Team. This Is Really Happening.

November 20, 2015

Turning away from the more somber topics of the week, we bring you a bit of light stupidity: Ted Cruz is forming a “national prayer team.” “Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced the formation of a national prayer team, ‘A…

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Gov. Scott Walker is ‘Waiting on a Sign from a Higher Power’ to Run for President

February 24, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told a Christian Media Convention in Tennessee that he was “waiting on a sign from a higher power” before deciding whether to run for president. Since Walker recently wouldn’t answer the question when asked if he…

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