French Feminist Protests Iranian President's Visit By ‘Hanging' Herself (VIDEO)

French Feminist Protests Iranian President’s Visit By ‘Hanging’ Herself (VIDEO)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Arrived In France And Not Everyone Was Welcoming

The Western world has forgiven Iran’s past. While several countries hail a new relationship with former Persia, there is still a question to answer: has the West also forgiven and forgotten Iran’s state of human rights? As the Iranian President tours Europe, the new relationship is being put to the test.

Last summer was a turning point for the Islamic Republic of Iran and its relations with the international community. After years of tensions and accusations, a nuclear agreement was reached in which the lifting of economic sanctions to Iran were included. The world has again opened its doors to Iran, to its markets, economies and foreign policy agendas. However, some seem not to have forgiven Iran entirely.

In the last weeks, Iranian President Rouhani has been visiting various European countries and meeting with Heads of State, including Pope Francis. While Italy agreed to cover nude paintings and sculptures for Rouhani’s visit, his trip to France was not that welcoming. The visit of the Iranian President to French soil was celebrated by France’s President Hollande, who expressed to Rouhani France’s support and its will to commence new and improved relations. The Iranian President, according to Daily Mail,

“called earlier for both countries to take advantage of the ‘positive atmosphere’ following the lifting of sanctions over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear programme.”

But while the French State welcomed him with military honours, hundreds of people gathered to protest against Rouhani’s visit

“Speakers noted that around 2,000 people have been executed in Iran since Rouhani came to power three years ago.”

The feminist group Femen protested to remind President Holland that hundreds of people are still sentenced to death in Iran for being feminists, homosexuals or even free thinkers. One activist ‘hanged’ herself from a bridge in the city of Paris, topless and with the Iranian flag painted on her chest. This mock execution highlighted Iran’s atrocious record of executing political enemies. Through a gruesome simulation of an execution, activists sought to remind that the Iranian President has also been accused of sending thousands of undocumented Afghans living in Iranian territory to fight in Syria.

Human Rights Watch argued,

“Iran has not just offered Afghan refugees and migrants incentives to fight in Syria, but several said they were threatened with deportation back to Afghanistan unless they did,”

Rouhani has managed to introduce Iran back into the international arena, has gained the sympathy of other countries and has been welcomed as an international player; but Iran’s human rights situation is still lagging behind according to Western standards. Is Rouhani really a moderate leader and will address this issue too; or is his image just a facade?

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