REPORT: Trump Russia Probe Now Focusing on Top White House Official

REPORT: Trump Russia Probe Now Focusing on Top White House Official

White House official allegedly involved in links with Russia

The latest information on the involvement of Russia in U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign is now focusing on a current White House official. A report by Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky on The Washington Post stated that the investigation has identified a top White House official as a “significant person of interest” according to people familiar with the Russia probe.

“The senior White House adviser under scrutiny by investigators is someone close to the president, according to these people, who would not further identify the official.”

The investigation seems to be digging into the highest levels of government; investigators are now conducting interviews and issuing subpoenas to accelerate the intensity of the probe. According to the sources that spoke with The Washington Post, investigators are fiercely focusing on people who had any sort of influence or involvement in Donald Trump’s campaign even if they are no longer working for him, such as Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. As Barrett and Zapotosky explain, the information so far obtained does not mean criminal charges will happen any time soon, however;

“The people familiar with the matter said the probe has sharpened into something more fraught for the White House, the FBI and the Justice Department — particularly because of the public steps investigators know they now need to take.”

The investigation is focusing on Russia’s influence and any possible financial crime committed, trying to determine if and to what extent any Trump associate was related to the Kremlin, the business deals they have or had, and if their links with Moscow could have facilitated the hacking and publishing of emails from the DNC. And based on the shocking information constantly published on the relations between the Kremlin and all of Trump’s associates, including his son-in-lawit seems that the Russia probe (even with James Comey gone) will soon answer some questions.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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