A League Of Right-Wing Leaders Grows Under Trump's Lead

A League Of Right-Wing Leaders Grows Under Trump’s Lead

Right-wing leaders join forces with the U.S. president-elect

It almost seems as if a league of far right-wing leaders is being created across the world with president-elect Donald Trump as the leader. In reality, far-right figureheads have been emboldened by Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

Controversial Hungarian leader and Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, said in an interview with the newspaper Vilaggazdasag that President-elect rump has invited him to visit Washington (although no date was specified) during a telephone conversation. As reported by Reuters, Orbán said:

“I spoke on the phone with the new U.S. president and I can say that our position has improved remarkably. Donald Trump has made it clear that he regards Hungary highly.”

PM Orbán has been in power in Hungary since 2010, and ever since he frequently clashed with senior U.S. officials, including Hilary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State, who believes his reforms and ideas undermine democratic ideals in the European country. In October this year, as a result of the flow of Syrian and Iraqi refugees fleeing the war, Orbán tried to win a referendum to ban Hungary from taking a EU quota of refugees; which fortunately he lost. He is also known for his strong stance against migrants and Islam. Last year, he was behind a series of fences built along the southern borders of the country, aimed at halting the flow of migrants. These proposals and ideas from Orbán raised tensions between the U.S. and Hungary for some time. In fact, during the same telephone call between the president-elect and the Hungarian PM, Orbán expounded upon his country’s relationship with the United States:

“He invited me to Washington, I told him that I hadn’t been there for a long time as I had been treated as a ‘black sheep’, to which he replied, laughing: ‘Me too’.”

Since the beginning of his presidential campaign, Orbán was the first European leader, even among the right-wing ones, who expressed preference for Trump and praised his immigration and security proposals, while referring to a possible victory from Clinton as a bad option for Hungary, and generally speaking for all Europe. As told by The Independent, the Hungarian right-wing leader believes the U.S will have with Trump a president who is “not ideologically restricted, but an open person. He is much more interested in success, efficiency and results than in political theories.”

PM Orbán has been highly criticized by the European Union for his efforts to centralize power, control and repress civic groups, corruption and increasing his influence over the media. No surprise a bond is growing between him and Trump; unfortunately Orbán is not the only one of this type in Europe, with France soon to decide its fate, too. 

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/CC-BY-SA-3.0 and Európa Pont/CC-BY-2.0

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From Mexico City, Carolina has lived in five different countries, experiences she defines as the most enriching. She has focused her studies and work on international conflicts and international security issues, diplomacy and protocol. Carolina holds two MA degrees and hopes to begin her PhD studies soon.