Luxury Dubai Hotel Burns Amid New Year's Celebration

Luxury Dubai Hotel Engulfed In Flames During New Year’s Celebration

A Luxury Dubai Hotel Morphed Into A Nightmarish Inferno

A pretty scary situation developed involving a luxury Dubai hotel. According to reports by RT and the BBC, a fire erupted from the Address Hotel as people were gathering in downtown Dubai to begin New Year’s celebrations. As flames spread around the Dubai hotel, police insisted that New Year’s party-goers clear the area for their own safety.

Officials remain baffled as to exactly what caused the fire, which started at around 9:30 p.m. local time. They say that despite the rapid rate at which flames engulfed the outside of the luxury Dubai hotel, the fire didn’t spread to the inside of the building. Despite this, panic proved an inevitable response from those within the building, who fled for their lives.

Irish singer Anita Williams described the chaotic scene to the BBC.

“We left everything. There was debris falling down. It [the fire] just shot up through the entire hotel…Everybody was screaming, everybody was running… I thought: ‘This is a film’.”

Video footage of the fire has already hit the internet thanks to multiple witnesses filming the blaze.

Thus far it’s not exactly known how many people were harmed by the Dubai hotel fire. At least one person was thought to have been killed in the stampede that resulted from panicked people running for their lives. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed. The Dubai government has thus far confirmed mild to moderate injuries, and one “heart attack case” that was brought on by “overcrowding and smoke at the fire site”. It’s believed no one is in immediate danger at the moment following a massive evacuation of the area.

If you thought this worrying situation at the Address was going to get in the way of Dubai citizens and visitors’ plans to celebrate the New Year…you’re wrong actually. Despite the fire at the downtown luxury Dubai hotel, officials shared that they intend to go forward with festivities centered around the Burj Khalifa, also known as the tallest building in the world.

The skyscraper is decorated with 400,000 LED lights, while the fireworks display will feature 1.6 tons of pyrotechnics.

Even as firefighters worked to bring the massive blaze under control (news sources have claimed the fire was contained for the most part), there are some people already treating the unsettling fire as just another backdrop for their New Year’s celebration. Evidence of this is one disturbing image featuring a man and woman who seemingly posed together with the burning building behind them.

I guess you can always trust some people to make an ongoing tragedy where people may be hurt or killed into a “Look at us! How cool is this?” type of situation.

In addition to this massive fire at the Address, there was another major blaze in Dubai earlier this year. RT reports that the Marina Torch, a “residential skyscraper at the Dubai Marina,” caught fire back in February. Fortunately, there were no related fatalities and all residents were safely evacuated.

Featured image via mosalsalat hindiya

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