Mexicans Set Donald Trump Effigies On Fire For Easter Celebration (VIDEO)

Mexicans Set Donald Trump Effigies On Fire For Easter Celebration (VIDEO)

Mexicans set effigies of Donald Trump ablaze for Easter

Donald Trump has now become part of the Mexican Easter celebration. As part of the Easter rituals on late Saturday, Mexicans have set on fire effigies of the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, whose ignorant and racist comments have sparked anger across the US southern border. Trump effigies were burned across the entire country, and in major cities such as Mexico City, Puebla and Monterrey.

The burning, hanging and exploding of figures is part of a Mexican Holy Week tradition, also done in other catholic countries. The celebration, known as “the burning of Judas,” involved effigies that represent Judas Iscariot or the devil and are filled with explosives and small fireworks. On Saturday evening they are set on fire to represent the victory of good over evil, the revenge on Judas (since Judas betrayed Jesus according to the Bible) and the commencement of Easter. However, this year many effigies carried the image of Republican candidate Donald Trump. According to Felipe Linares, one of the artisans hat crafted Trump’s effigy and whose family has made Judases for over 50 years, said to Reuters

“Since he started his campaign and began talking about immigrants, Mexico, and Mexicans, I said ‘I’ve got to get this guy.” 

In different neighborhoods it was possible to see hundreds of people gathered for the celebrations, cheering and yelling insults as they watched the burning of the grinning papier-mâché mock-up replica of the US billionaire, wearing a blue blazer, red tie and his peculiar clump of blond hair. On social media networks, Mexicans posted their photos while expressing their enjoyment.

Yet, this is not the first Mexican tradition in which Donald Trump has become an important player. Since the  Republican candidate started his campaign against Mexican migrants and the building of a wall along the southern U.S. border which he claims Mexicans will pay for, Trump also became a piñata, a Mexican cardboard-made figure filled with candies, which children beat until it breaks. As Marcos Nieto told Al Jazeera,

“Trump’s horrible about Mexicans. He says we’re the worst things that could exist. I think people like buying the piñata because we can’t give him a smack in real life.”  

Or course it makes sense to see Donald Trump represented in Easter effigies. As The Washington Post put it,

“Whom would you build, if you had to make a monster of mythical proportions? An evil equal to a biblical scourge? A traitor to be burned in effigy whose fiery demise would cleanse our corrupted souls?”

It just seems expected for Donald Trump to have appeared in this year’s Mexican Easter celebrations, especially considering several years ago Osama bin Laden was once in the same position inside the Mexican festivities. The devil has a new name for Mexicans: Donald J. Trump.

Image via Video Screencap

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