About Us

ReverbPress.com is a news and lifestyle website that was founded in 2014 and which has a lot of emphasis on politics. We provide interesting and thought-provoking articles on news, investments, finances, business, and real estate.

Even most of the time we put emphasis on politics and news, we also integrate lifestyle content to bring in some interest. ReverbPress.com thinks about what people want to feel and what people want to read. That’s why we sometimes use emotion to drive our content.
ReverbPress.com is self-funded, getting its revenue from subscriptions, merchandise sales, advertising, and sponsors. We don’t receive any funding from outside organizations.

ReverbPress.com essentially reports political news, and when reporting, it takes a left stance. Stories reported on are carefully selected and are inclined to lean left complete with the use of language that is emotionally charged. This is especially true of articles and stories by Reverb Press.

Most of our articles are properly sourced from the likes of the Washington Post and The National. If for some reason, our articles or stories have an element of falseness, our editor demonstrates responsible retraction and clarification.

If you want to contact us, you can fill the form on the contact page on this site or you can e-mail us at [email protected].