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Iraq/Iran War Hawks Beat The Drums – Same Rhythm, Same Drummers

April 10, 2015

Progressive documentary Film Maker Robert Greenwald’s company Brave New Films has released a powerful new micro-documentary video that highlights in just one minute and 47 seconds how the same war mongering neocon hawks that lied America into the disastrous, expensive, ill…

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This Incredibly Long Song About Pi Will Make You Laugh Yourself Silly, Then Break Your Brain

March 14, 2015

What an interesing Pi day it’s been! Don’t know what Pi day is? Weren’t following #PiDay on Twitter? Were you watching #GOPWantsWar instead? Well, Pi Day is March 14th every year, (3.14, get it?) and it’s like an international holiday…

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BREAKING: 2 Police Officers Shot In Ferguson, MO (VIDEO)

March 12, 2015

Ferguson, MO is a city now infamous for institutionalized government racism, brought to light by the shooting of 18 year old Mike Brown, and the events which followed. Even after the resignation of the City Manager and the Chief of Police,…

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Jonesing For A House Of Cards Fix? Sesame Street Is Your Dr. Feelgood Today!

February 26, 2015

Are you, like me, DYING for Season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix? With only one day to go, some of us are just jonesing so bad, we’ll take whatever we can get.  Luckily for us, Sesame Street has…

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A Very Bad, Awful, No Good, Terrible, Horrible Week For Journalism – Yet All Is Not Lost

February 14, 2015

“Less smart, less brave, less wry, less credible.” hat is how CNN’s John Berman describes the entire news media landscape after what might just be the worst week the industry has ever known. In one really bad week we lost four…

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Tiny Creature Could Hold Key To Immortality

February 4, 2015

ike the mythical monster which is it’s namesake, the Hydra will regrow whatever is cut off from it.  And where the Greek horror it’s name recalls was a gigantic, nightmarish beast with deadly poisonous, virulent breath and blood, the tiny…

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The 21 Best State Of The Union Memes

January 19, 2015

As the Obama presidency enters the fourth quarter, the Obama Administration does so on a high note. Obama’s approval rating is as high as the GOP’s patron saint, ‘Ronnie Raygun’, was when the Reagan Administration entered its sixth year. Gas…

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This Amazing Drone Footage From Iceland Will Make Your Heart Race

December 8, 2014

Travel photographer Elia Locardi recently traveled Iceland filming for a larger project, and bloggers Patrick and Lee from FStoppers went along for the ride.  And what a ride it was! The trio was working with DSLR’s but also worked with…

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