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Huckabee Would Force 10-Year-Old Rape Victims To Give Birth (VIDEO)

August 16, 2015

Mike Huckabee just proved that conservatives care more about fetuses than they do about children. During an interview on CNN with Dana Bash on Sunday, the Republican presidential wannabe openly supported forcing little girls who are raped to give birth…

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Netflix: Screw Republicans, We’re Giving Our Workers Parental Leave

August 5, 2015

As Republicans continue to block any and all measures that would treat workers like human beings, Netflix is moving forward with a new policy offering paid parental leave to new mothers and fathers. In June, Virgin CEO Richard Branson announced…

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Republican Refuses To Answer Whether Bible Is Above The Constitution (VIDEO)

August 2, 2015

It took a Facebook user to challenge a Republican on whether or not the Bible has authority over the Constitution and the result was a train wreck. During an appearance on Meet The Press, host Chuck Todd concluded his interview…

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Huckabee: I’ll Order FBI And Federal Troops To Patrol Vaginas

July 31, 2015

Watch out, ladies. If Mike Huckabee becomes president he’ll use the FBI and federal troops to watch your vagina so you don’t get an abortion. At least that’s what Huckabee suggested he would do after a reporter grilled him about…

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Hypocrite Jindal Refuses To Discuss Gun Control After Shooting (VIDEO)

July 24, 2015

But Jindal had no problem criticizing President Obama and warmongering against Muslims after a shooting in Chattanooga. Another deadly shooting has occurred in the United States, and once again, Republicans were quick to bring out their routine of dodging questions…

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TLC Finally Cancels Duggar Reality Show Permanently

July 16, 2015

Good riddance. 19 Kids and Counting is now six feet under as TLC finally canceled the reality show featuring the anti-gay Duggar family. Two months after allegations surfaced of Josh Duggar molesting four of his own sisters while they were…

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Watch Fox News Get Called Out For Not Being Real News By San Francisco Officials (VIDEO)

July 15, 2015

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly sent his goons to harass San Francisco public officials. It didn’t go well. Obsessed with dragging out the story of Kate Steinle being murdered by an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco to somehow prove that…

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Missouri County Misuses US Flag To Persecute Gay People

July 14, 2015

The American flag is set to fly at half staff every month for a year in one bigoted Missouri county in protest of gay people having the constitutional right to marry. On June 26th, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex…

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Marco Rubio Vows To End Women’s Reproductive Rights (VIDEO)

July 11, 2015

If women want to keep their reproductive freedom, they definitely shouldn’t vote for a Republican, especially Marco Rubio. During the National Right to Life Committee convention in New Orleans on Friday, Marco Rubio spoke to the anti-abortion fanatics in an…

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Ted Cruz Busted Cheating To Get On Bestseller List (UPDATED)

July 10, 2015

Conservatives are furious after the New York Times left GOP presidential wannabe Ted Cruz off their prestigious bestseller list. The Times informed Cruz’s publisher HarperCollins this week that they would not be including Cruz on the list even though his…

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