'Don't Be Evil': Google Follows GoDaddy's Lead, Drops Right Wing Hate Site After N*zi Attack

‘Don’t Be Evil’: Google Follows GoDaddy’s Lead, Drops Right Wing Hate Site After N*zi Attack

Right-Wing Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer Dropped By GoDaddy After Charlottesville Terror Attack

UPDATE: Google canceled The Daily Stormer’s domain registration Monday just hours after the hate site had signed up to use them. As of this moment, Google is still listed as the domain registrar according to a Whois search, but that will likely change soon. A Google spokesperson told Business Insider that “We are cancelling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service.”

For the past four years, The Daily Stormer — Which uses the motto “The world’s most genocidal Republican website” —- has been a blight on the Internet. A gathering place for Neo-Nazis and white nationalists to express their hatred and vileness and to share in their support of right-wing political candidates that appeal to them, like Donald Trump.  The site played a sizable roll in the right-wing domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. And on Sunday, one company decided that enough is enough.

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Popular domain and website hosting company GoDaddy announced on Sunday that they were severing their business ties with The Daily Stormer after the site violated their terms of service, giving them 24 hours to find a new domain hosting company. GoDaddy had been taking fire for a long time after refusing, until this weekend anyway, to ditch the hate site.

Normally, a company taking a stand against organized hate is something we should all be celebrating. But sadly, the world didn’t have much time to do that. On Monday, another company stepped in to save The Daily Stormer from the brink. And it’s a company most of the Internet’s denizens use every single day.

‘Don’t Be Evil’? ‘Do The Right Thing?’ Google Agrees To Host The Daily Stormer After GoDaddy Dumps Them

Monday morning, Reuters reported that The Daily Stormer had moved off of GoDaddy’s service ahead of their 24-hour deadline, setting up shop with Google. A Whois search revealed the hate site’s new registrar as Google.

Whois information from ICANN regarding The Daily Storm. Screengrab

Google uses an automated system to approve website and domain hosting agreements. But as of this article being written, the company hasn’t removed The Daily Stormer from their services.

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Google’s original company motto was “Don’t Be Evil,” which they dropped in 2015 with the formation of their new parent company, Alphabet Inc. Their new motto is “Do The Right Thing.” And by hosting The Daily Stormer’s domain name, or affiliating themselves with the hate site in any other capacity, the company proves that they clearly aren’t taking either of these two mottos all that seriously.

Was The Daily Stormer Hacked By Anonymous?

The Daily Stormer being at the heart of a domestic terror attack isn’t exactly repelling controversy. But did those bigoted alt-right snowflakes just slap on a drama queen tiara and publish something in the hopes of drawing the sympathy of their brainless supporters? It would seem so.

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On Monday, an article showed up on the site claiming to have originated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous. Headlined with “End of Hate: Anonymous Now In Control of Daily Stormer,” the post — written entirely in caps — claims hackers had seized control of the Neo-Nazi website and were intentionally leaving it operational for a period of 24 hours, after which they would “Shut it down. Permanently.”

But the post immediately drew skepticism from those who understand how Anonymous typically functions… including @YourAnonNews, a Twitter account that shares news and information regarding Anonymous.

So where did the alleged Anonymous-hacked post come from? Likely Andrew Anglin, the website’s douchey Neo-Nazi publisher. My money says Anglin was attempting to stir up his supporters to throw more donations toward the site, and to play a little game of victim emulation. Though this is my theory alone and is not backed up by any sort of evidence, other than knowing that Anglin is a clown.

Here’s hoping Google drops The Daily Stormer from their roster, and the site slips into a permanent limbo. And here’s also hoping that Google failing or refusing to do that forces Anonymous — the real Anonymous — to show Andrew Anglin and his fart-brained backers what a real Anonymous hack looks like. Because shutting down an outlet for hate speech and calls of violence in support of a radical right-wing agenda? That would be a pretty big win for the human race no matter how it were to go down.

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