Getting a Master’s degree in Business Administration is a big level up from an undergraduate Business degree. Because of the nature of a graduate degree, it is not uncommon for MBA graduates to already have at least some professional experience before starting their Master’s program. The program creates highly competitive professionals who are highly sought after in the business sector for their skills in higher-level management. We will cover what an MBA degree is, the best jobs one can apply for and how to look for jobs using the California business license search.

The current pandemic has adversely affected employment in basically all sectors, so you may have some doubts about your job prospects as an MBA graduate or a prospective MBA student who is not sure if they will graduate to find any work. However one need not worry as there are still good opportunities out there. Experts in the job market maintain that MBA graduates that are seeking jobs need to remember that even in dark times, there are bright spots and opportunities if you keep on looking.

Masters In Business Administration

Masters in Business Administration

The current coronavirus pandemic has dealt great damage to the world. It has claimed many lives and destroyed livelihoods across all countries across the globe. Given this crisis, many may question if an MBA degree would net them any decent-paying or a relevant job opportunity in the current supposedly “dwindling” situation.

Despite the increased level of unemployment experienced on a global scale, MBA graduates from last year reported receiving job offers with six-figure salaries. It is important to note however that there was a dip in the median starting salary for MBA graduates entering the workforce after the start of the global health crisis than those hired immediately before it. The reported median starting salary was $105,000, which is $10,000 lower than the previously reported figures.

One should note that the number and quality of job openings for new MBA graduates heavily depend on the general state of the economy. If you received a degree during a recession, although the number of jobs might be low, you still have a chance at finding a great job. This is according to corporate executives, hiring managers, and MBA recruiters. Before we show you how to do a California business license search to find businesses where one might apply, let’s quickly go over the degree itself.

The Degree

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree is a graduate degree program that covers various fields of business administration such as accounting, human resources, business communication, business strategy, business ethics, applied statistics, business law, and more. The program originated in the USA when in the early 1900s the rapid industrialization of the economy led large companies to seek more scientific and organized approaches to management.

When taking a Full-time MBA program, it normally takes two academic years to complete. Usually, an applicant needs to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as the scores they received in this could be the defining criteria for being accepted into the degree program at any given university.

Some specialized MBA programs focus on one of the core fields of study of the MBA degree program. This allows students to concentrate on specific industries and prepare themselves for working in those particular fields. This is important to consider when searching for a company to apply to, as we will later cover in the California business license search.

Best Jobs For MBA Graduates

Best Jobs For MBA Graduates

Because of the wide range of skills MBA graduates develop in the business sphere, there are ample opportunities in choosing a career path, as virtually every sector needs business school graduates. However, with the instability we are facing now it is more important than ever to carefully decide on the specific sector to apply for a job in. In the effort to find an MBA career in California, one may opt to do a California business license search, which we will discuss in more detail later on. Here are a few of the best jobs an MBA graduate can get in.

Marketing Manager

According to Marie Harper, dean of the Boston School of Business in West Virginia, the demand for marketing managers, especially in struggling companies persists even through the pandemic. Businesses are now keen to find new ways, reinvent themselves, innovate to grow in this situation. This has increased the need for intellect with a strong business and strategic acumen.

Far from being only sought after in struggling businesses, marketing managers are needed in almost every industry, as almost every industry has products and services for sale. As such, it is necessary to have effective marketing of their merchandise and services to maintain a profitable enterprise.

Marketing managers usually earn six-figure salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the reported median annual wage of U.S. marketing managers in the year 2019 was $136,850. They also stated that the available job positions for marketing managers are likely to increase by 7% by the year 2029 when compared to the 2019 figures. So it seems a safe career path to take. A possible job opening for such a position in the state of California can be found with a quick California business license search.

Financial Manager

The CoronaVirus pandemic has forced most businesses to adopt cost-cutting measures as expenses continue to increase and revenue has dropped. In this environment, a good financial manager is worth their weight in gold. They are trained to solve problems in cash flow for businesses and even work in financial institutions. The banks have done quite well during the time of the pandemic, their stock prices rising to all-time highs due to the excellent management of funds done by financial managers.

This need for effective handling of finances raises the demand for financial managers. Companies compensate such executive positions highly for the great value they bring to a company from budget forecasting and allocation to revenue management and cost reduction.

As of 2019, financial managers in the United States had a median annual pay of $129,890. It is expected that the number of jobs for this position will see a growth of 15% in the next five years. A possible job opening for such a position in the state of California can be found by doing a quick California business license search.

Business Operations Manager

Business Operations Manager

The realities of the pandemic and the new minimum health standards that are being implemented have impacted the operational procedures of an organization. The transition to more remote work environments and the implementation of new policies have led to a higher demand for professionals that can help facilitate this transition.

For retail and consumer-focused industries this is doubly so, as the logistical challenge of the large increase in online transactions needs addressing from capable business operations managers. This leadership position has the goal of enforcing the new standards, maximizing efficiency, and managing work schedules and deadlines.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the total number of jobs for this particular position will see an increase of 5.8% in 2029 from 2019. The median annual salary of business operations managers in 2019 was $100,780. A possible job opening for such a position in the state of California can be found with a California business license search.

Management Consultant

Management consultants assess situations that arise from a company facing major obstacles, or are in the middle of reforms or major developments, and propose solutions to any problems that may arise. During such troubled times for a business, course correction may be necessary and the second opinion of a capable management consultant can assist struggling company executives in seeing the company through these periods.

Management consultants can work independently within the company hierarchy or be outsourced from a management consultancy firm. The consulting industry has been quite resilient to the pandemic because of its indispensable role. Management consulting firms have also proven that they are quite capable of enduring market downturns. This is likely because it is their job to assist clients on how to best deal with downturns themselves.

According to, their 2021 consultant salary report stated that the average base salary for MBA graduates that are hired at the most prolific and well-known management consulting firms (McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group) is around $165,000. Aside from this performance-based bonuses and other benefits can also be expected. A possible job opening for such a position in the state of California can be found with a California business license search.

Medical And Health Services Manager

The pandemic has stretched healthcare institutions to their breaking point. There is a tremendous logistical strain on hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country. As such, there is also a need for capable managers to help overcome these challenges.

Medical and health services managers are responsible for overseeing the smooth day-to-day operation of various types of healthcare facilities. This naturally includes the maximizing of quality of service while minimizing the cost incurred by the institution. Diligent records must be maintained to ensure the organization complies with all the regulations put in place that govern such institutions.

The median salary for Medical and Health Services Managers in 2019 was $100,980. Because of the current health crisis and the likely atmosphere of caution that will come in its fallout they predict that by 2029 the number of job positions for this profession will be 32% higher than they were in 2019. A possible job opening for such a position in the state of California can be found with a California business license search.

When looking for businesses in California that one can submit a job application, it can be useful to use the California business licenses directory or California contractor license search which is accessible from the public records section on

California Business License

Business licenses are necessary for any legitimate business to operate. They are legal documents that grant the holder the right to operate a business in their city. Depending on where you are and what kind of business it is, additional licenses or permits may be required.

Some business owners may think that these permits and licenses are just ways for the government to squeeze money out of the business sector. However the truth is most of these are intended to protect the general public, so it is important for the perception of a business and its legitimacy to its customers to possess the appropriate papers.

Let’s cover how to get business license California. Remember California state business license is different than those found in other states. There are general business licenses that are different from city to city. For regulated professions and industries, there are some more specific licensing requirements.

The California Government offers the CalGold Business Permit Assistance. This is a database of all the included regulated industries. Depending on the business, you may also need other permits. Restaurants, for example, need a health permit, if you sell merchandise you need a seller’s permit. Now that we have gone over what the California business license is, let’s discuss the California business license search or California state business license search.

If you want to check business license California, there are a couple of things you can do. The information of businesses operating inside California, such as business names, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, and Trademarks can be found and are registered with the California Secretary of State. These names can be searched online through the California Secretary of State and here you can also verify a business license in CA.

However, to obtain copies of these business records one must submit a mail or in-person request to the office of the secretary of state. An online form is provided on their website that can be completed to facilitate business records request from their office. Through these online means, one can do a California business entity search or a CA business entity search and find businesses that they think are promising opportunities for them.

Another organization, the California Department of Consumer Affairs is responsible for the licensing of most professions that practice within the state. They maintain a website with links to the professional licensing boards. This includes the ones for architecture, dentistry, pharmacy, and the medical boards. However, some professionals, like attorneys, have their data available on the California Bar Association. This could be important to take into account when searching for contacts and connections among other professionals when looking for a job, aside from just doing a California business license search.

Will There Be Enough Jobs For MBA Graduates?

MBA-related career paths are still out there and can still offer lucrative opportunities. The struggle that comes from the current global crises presents opportunities for capable individuals to be part of the effort to bring solutions to the problems we face. Although these problems may not directly be related to the pandemic, they are no less essential to ensure the continued growth of society and the economy. And as society and economy grow, more opportunities arise.

To start you out on your search for a job you can try a Californian corporation search or a California business license search as a quick California business license search can show you all the businesses around you. You can not only use the California business license search to see the businesses around you but also apply to them if you’re new to the region.

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