Suppose we saw something that looked nice in our eyes, and creates a happy feeling, and happiness in us, such things can be called art or can relate to art. Now what is art, what can we call art? Like a good dance, music, statue, drawing, painting, scratch, or preparing for a good drama, and so many things, we can think of different things through our creative mind and give a physical form to the thought, all those things we can include in the art. Art is the process by which man can give physical form to his creative imagination. It could be a technical proficiency, or it could be an emotion (music, story, dance, painting, etc). Art is one of the greatest sciences we know, through art we express our imagination. There is no precise definition of art and culture and every society has its art and culture that gives identity to the society. Art gives ideas about society's norms, values, customs, and culture. we are not born with culture but are learned, shared, social, continuous, dynamic, and universal.