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Another Vile Report of Trump Bragging About ‘P*ssy’ Surfaces

November 30, 2017

Remarks Were Cut From a Maxim Golf Interview Despite his recent attempts to walk back his admission that the Access Hollywood tape was authentic, Donald Trump is the reason an utterly deplorable observation is permanently etched into American presidential history: And I moved on her…

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Trump is trying to stack the Judiciary with fanatical anti-LGBTQ extremists

October 16, 2017

Trump really, truly has it out for the LGBTQ community that he claimed to support Donald Trump is a liar? Nooooo, that couldn’t be, could it? Oh yes, indeed, it is true, and his approach to LGBTQ issues is a…

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Trump Feels Wrath of LGBTQ Protesters, Walk of Fame Star Defaced (VIDEO)

June 12, 2017

Pissed Off LGBTQ Marchers Protested the Trump Administration and Plastered his Walk of Fame Star With Resistance Stickers Sunday was a day of LGBTQ parades from coast-to-coast, and this year, the events were particularly political as they also served as…

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Putin’s America: Judge Rules Violence Towards LGBTQs Not Hate Crimes

May 16, 2017

Attacking Two Gay Men for Being Gay is Not Considered a Hate Crime in West Virginia – Because They Are Gay West Virginia’s Supreme Court has ruled that attacks on LGBTQs in the state are not to be considered hate…

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Bigoted GOP Lawmaker Doesn’t Think Gays are Human

May 12, 2017

If You Haven’t Heard of GOP Rep. Rick Brattin Before, You Will Probably Wish You Would Have NEVER Heard of Him After You Read This How on earth do people like Missouri GOP Rep. Rick Brattin get elected into government?? How…

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REPORT: LGBT Centers See Spike In Violence, Harassment, and Vandalism In Trump’s America

March 13, 2017

After Donald Trump’s Election, LGBT Centers See Spike In Vandalism, Harassment, Credible Threats Of Violence ou may have heard about the recent spike in vandalism against Jewish community centers. But antisemitism is only the beginning. Across the United States, centers…

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There’s A Hidden Epidemic Of Violence In America – And Someone You Love May Be In Danger (VIDEO)

March 3, 2017

The Number Of Transgender People Facing Disproportionate Levels Of Violence Needs To Be More Widely Reported The transgender community in New Orleans is in shock after two brutal murders of transgender women happened within 48 hours. CNN reports that Chyna…

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NY Legislator Trolls Pence’s Homophobia In The Most Clever Way Possible

November 25, 2016

Vice President Mike Pence Has Many LGBT people worried It seems strange that only eight years ago, the country was having a strong debate about whether or not we should give a group of people the right to love someone…

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GOP Future Teeters On The Brink As Gay Group Makes HUGE Announcement About Trump (AUDIO)

October 23, 2016

Apparently, Trump Is Actually Pretty Good For LGBT Americans, But… A Republican LGBT group has decided that endorsing Donald Trump is just not something they want to do. The Log Cabin Republicans released a statement on their website saying that…

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Mother Of Matthew Shepard Warns Against Trump: ‘I Know What Can Happen As A Result Of Hate’ (VIDEO)

October 19, 2016

Judy Shepard Won’t Sit By Silently And Watch History Repeat Itself Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been unlike any America may have ever seen. It has been a wall-to-wall hatefest that just keeps getting more bizarre and dangerous with every…

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