We Don’t Need No Education

With the installation of uber-wealthy Republican donor Betsy DeVos as Secretary  of Education, Conservatives have been growing more open in their disdain of the entire premise of public schooling.

You know, the crazy idea that every child in this country has the right to a free, appropriate public education.

From the current (and disastrous) system of vouchers being touted to the idea that the entire Department of Education should be abolished, the Republican party is getting more comfortable in publicly embracing the idea that they don’t believe schooling should be accessible to everyone – particularly the poor, the minorities, and the disabled.

Just as Attorney General Jeff Sessions what he thinks about allowing children with special needs into the classroom.

But Arizona Republican Representative Paul Mosley finally openly stated what many other Republicans have tiptoed around, with their talk about school choice, vouchers, and the need to get Federal influence out of schools.

Education is and should be a privilege – just the way it used to be, back in the olden days when the amount of property your parents owned dictated your ability to obtain any schooling.

For The GOP, Education Is Not A Right

“Education used to be a privilege,” he said in an interview with the Arizona Capitol Times. “People used to believe getting an education was something you had to be privileged to get, that you had to work hard to get. Now we basically force it down everybody’s throats.”

In fact, he feels so strongly that schooling is a privilege rather than a right that he states compulsory education is “the number one thing” he’d “like to repeal.” And, considering how much Republicans love to repeal things, that’s saying a lot.

“I believe education is still a privilege, and the kids who don’t want to be there are a larger distraction to the kids who do want to be there,” Mosley stated.

And then, showing off his true Conservative colors, he decided to attack public education and the idea that hungry children get fed.

“We’re telling kids they have to go to school, and we put fences around the schools to protect them now, and we give them a meal or two and sometimes send a backpack of food home with them. So now schools are not only tasked with educating our children, but also feeding our children. What happened to the personal responsibility of a parent to feed and educate their kids?”

Ladies and gentlemen, your current Republican party. It’s who they’ve always been, but now they don’t even feel the need to pretend otherwise.

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