Bill Gates Ridicules Trump in Newly Uncovered Video -- Stunned by Trump's Stupidity

Bill Gates Ridicules Trump in Newly Uncovered Video — Stunned by Trump’s Stupidity

Bill Gates is a genius mega-billionaire, many times richer by all accounts than Donald Trump, whose innovations at Microsoft, along with those of arch-nemesis, competitor, and ultimately friend, the late Steve Jobs at Apple, have dramatically reshaped the world we live in. Without Bill Gates and Steve Jobs driving one another to innovation after innovation, today’s world of computers, smartphones, and apps for almost every situation and need, would have been impossible.

This is a smart, smart man, who rose to being the self made one time richest man in the world. Jeff Bezos, today’s richest man, could not have started his business, Amazon, without Bill Gates having come before.

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And so it’s pretty significant to see (in video uncovered by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, anchor of the prime time show All In, airing just before ratings leader Rachel Maddow) someone like Bill Gates telling an audience his story of being confronted by the ignorance, and egotism of our unfortunate President, Donald J. Trump.

One part of the story that got a big laugh from the audience was Gates’ revelation that Trump asked him if there was a difference between HIV, the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus which causes AIDS, and HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus, which causes genital warts and other genital issues, as well as cervical and other cancers. First of all, if the abbreviations are different, then the diseases are named differently, and therefore are almost certainly different, which almost any moron should have been able to tell right off the bat. Secondly, you’re talking to Bill Gates, and this is what you want to know?

Gates had a classic, subtly snarky response, telling Trump that;

“I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other.”

Gates then revealed that Mr. Trump had actually deliberately left the venue, in order to return and make a “grand entrance” in a helicopter, something which the audience seemed to feel was as laughable as Gates must have.

Gates then revealed that he was taken aback by Trump’s first words to him upon their meeting, where Trump spoke to him in the third person;

“Trump hears that you don’t like what Trump is doing.”

Gates found a fun way to explain to his audience, mockingly, how sure he was that indeed, Mr. Trump is making a mess of his Presidency, and the nation, telling the crowd;

“Gates says that Gates knows that you’re not doing things right.”

Gates doesn’t overtly make the connection, but speaking about oneself in the third person is a classic symptom of narcissism. Dr. Sam Vaknin explained it this way, “The narcissist often talks to himself in third person singular. He feels that it lends objectivity to his thoughts, making them appear to be emanating from an external source.”

Of course, Trump displays signs of narcissism all the time, in ways that – from the man who currently has the Nuclear Football – are quite terrifying. And indeed, psychologists have raised the alarm about Mr. Trump’s fitness for office.

Indeed, Trump’s whole quest for the Presidency seemed to stem from his frustration that his predecessor was Barack Obama, America’s first black President. Trump rose to political prominence after appropriating the leadership of the Birther movement, insisting (contrary to all evidence) that Mr. Obama was not American born, and thus illegitimate as President. In truth, this was transparently an effort to say a black person cannot be a legitimate President.

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As President himself, Mr. Trump chose to stand with White Supremacists, who recognized him as one of their own and celebrated his candidacy as a part of the resurgent “alt-right”, the merging of the “Tea Party” wing of the GOP, the KKK, and the Nazi party. Even holding conventions where Nazi salutes were openly given. Leading ultimately to the shocking invasion of Charlottesville, VA, by white supremacist thugs – many of whom bore neo-nazi and KKK regalia – who Trump tried to excuse and equivocate with those who stood against them. Even though one nazi carried out a terrorist attack, driving into counter protesters with the intention of committing mass murder — in an attack that was incited by the GOP, with “all lives splatter” rhetoric, and pre-planned — and killing one innocent citizen, Heather Heyer.

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And Trump’s white supremacist leanings are right in line with narcissism The narcissist has a terribly low self-esteem, and they compensate by proclaiming their own superiority. It is a paradox that the supremacist and the narcissist are in truth suffering from inferiority complexes. So, while this video is good for a laugh at Mr. Trump’s expense, which I have to say, can help those of us horrified by this Presidency to get through it — it’s also deadly serious, and scary as hell.

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