Wash…rinse…repeat. We do that to wash our hair, but Donald Trump seems to re-purpose this for other things. Like insulting women, for instance. He’s a sleazy racist, and virulently misogynistic as well. Especially, perhaps, if a woman doesn’t give him what he wants.

Celebrity interviewer and former Howard Stern Show regular Chaunce Hayden decided to shed further light on Trump’s stone-age attitudes by sharing an interview he did with the clueless candidate back in 2004, when no one had any idea that this shallowly narcissistic man would be running for President 12 years later. In the audio that Hayden leaked, Trump talks about Victoria Zdrok, a woman he allegedly dated.

Let’s time-travel back to 2004, when Zdrok also talked to Hayden. Zdrok, a former Playboy model and Penthouse Pet, said she’d received a call from Playboy Promotions saying that Trump was on the lookout “for a new girl for his ad campaign for one of his casinos in Atlantic City… It turns out he was never actually looking for a model. He was just trying to pick me up.”

They allegedly dated four times. Trump, on the other hand, claims they never dated, but PolitiFact notes The Donald has made their“Pants On Fire list on numerous occasions. I’m just throwing that in there for good measure.

This is what Zdrok had to say about her Trump experience, and she tells us things that don’t particularly come as a surprise right now, (since the media keeps fawning over him):

“First of all, he’s really arrogant. He’s really into himself! On a date all he does is talk about himself. He loves himself! The first thing he says to me on our date is that he’s taller and better looking than what he looks like in pictures, and that people don’t realize it,” she notes. “He said ‘People don’t realize how handsome I am!’ He actually loves himself! I never met a more narcissistic person than Donald. You just feel like a piece of jewelry when you’re with him. For him it’s all about looks, appearances, and signing autographs. He just loves it.”

Zdrok, who is Ukrainian, continued:

“You feel just like a piece of jewelry when you’re with him. For him it’s all about looks, appearances, and signing autographs. He just loves it.”

Considering the way Trump acts at his campaign rallies and at debate performances, as well as his Twitter feed, none of this is surprising, but he painstakingly denies that he ever met or dated Zdrok, The Daily Beast reports.

“I don’t even know who the hell she is,” Trump told Hayden during the interview, after bragging about his reality show.

But what he said after that isn’t going to earn him any extra points with women.

He claimed he couldn’t have dated Zdrok because “she looks like a fucking third-rate hooker.”

“Gimme a break. I never took her out. She’s full of shit. Chaunce, look, I have good taste in women. Take a look at her picture. It’s all bullshit. I never took her out.”

He also claimed it was “bullshit, total bullshit” that he was considering her for an advertising campaign, saying “I use models, not Playboy people for that.”

Then he went on to say that Zdrok called his office “10 different times, like five years ago,” asking him to take her out. “I never took her out, and based on that picture I would never take her out. She’s not even attractive, she’s not a good-looking girl… Who the hell wants a Penthouse Pet? Penthouse is gone, it’s bankrupt, it’s over.”

And apparently being a 35-year-old Penthouse Pet is “pretty pathetic,” at least according to Trump, anyway.

With the success of The Apprentice, women were crawling out of the woodwork, claiming to be his ex-girlfriends, he went on to say.

“Two of them I did date, they said nice things about me,” he said, reiterating that Zdrok’s claim was “total bullshit.” It would be easier not to make a big fuss over it, but claims like Zdrok’s were “just so fucking false I don’t like them to get away with this crap,” Trump said.

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And he begged Hayden not to run the story, but as Trump’s NBC show, The Apprentice, was in the middle of its first season, Hayden was not moved.

“Donald Trump wasn’t paying my bills,” he said.

Apparently for Zdrok, the real estate magnate and bankruptcy star was a drag in other ways as well. If he wasn’t talking about himself, he was talking about his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends.

“He couldn’t stop talking about Ivana [wife #1] and Marla Maples [wife #2] and how skinny and horrible Marla looks now and that she looks like shit since she cut her hair off.”

She added:

“He just loves to talk about which women are in love with him and always calling him. He loves to talk about how women are chasing him all the time, which doesn’t make a girl feel special on a date. The other thing he talks about is what a great lover he is. He said to me, ‘Once you made love to me, you’ll never be able to make love to anybody else.’”

Eeeek. My brain doesn’t even want to go there.

Apparently Zdrok didn’t want to go there either. When asked if she slept with Trump, she said:

“No, because I wouldn’t be another notch on his belt. We made out a little bit and that’s it. I just couldn’t relax with him because he never lets his hair down.”

And as far as his actual hair, it was so full of hairspray that she didn’t want to touch it, she said

“His orange hair was very odd. He uses so much hair spray. I would never dream of touching it. But he doesn’t care. He really thinks he’s one of the most handsome people on earth. He really does.”

She said she finally quit going out with him after four dates because she was sick of his narcissism.

“I just said, ‘I’ll call you back’ and never did. So he moved on. I just couldn’t take hearing about him talk about himself. He’s so condescending. There’s no romance. It’s all about him.”

She also said said something that many people already think–that Trump is a racist.

“He would always talk about this one girl, a supermodel, and how he would give her the best orgasms of her life. And how she misses him so much. He told me he really likes this girl but he would never go out with her because he found out she was half-black and that would be bad for his reputation. I thought that was very racist.”

She also said:

“He didn’t like that she was some weird ethnic mix so he wouldn’t go out with her publicly, but that he really missed her and she was wonderful in bed. He needed somebody more mainstream.”

I don’t care for Zdrok’s “weird ethnic mix” comment because I don’t see anything weird about people of other ethnic backgrounds getting together, but I have never seen a presidential candidate divide blacks, whites, Hispanics, and other races as seriously as Trump has. And he has been absolutely cruel in his hate for Muslims. His supporters follow his lead and have committed violent acts towards activists, especially people of color.

Wash…rinse…repeat. Trump’s had numerous girlfriends and three wives. For him, women are like shampoo, once it’s all used up, go buy a new bottle. And if he becomes president, the rest of us will be dealing with the same nightmarish date Victoria Zdrok dealt with. For four years. Let that sink in.

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