Kimmel's Hilarious Spelling Bee Experiment Proves Even Kids Can't 'Spell as Horribly' as Trump

Kimmel’s Hilarious Spelling Bee Experiment Proves Even Kids Can’t ‘Spell as Horribly’ as Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Hosts ‘Grate’ Spelling Bee Trolling Donald Trump

If there is one thing for which Republican Donald Trump has become rather infamous, it’s the atrocious grammar in his Tweets. Rarely does he get out a series of posts without flubbing one thing or another in his messages.

To poke some fun at the orange bear, Jimmy Kimmel set up a skit that perfectly illustrated the Republican standard bearer’s problems. And he enlisted the help of a few kids to pull it off.

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In trying to answer the question “Can kids spell as horribly as President Trump?”, Kimmel conducted “The Make America Grate Again Spelling Bee”. He brought on three spelling bee winners to attempt to spell words as badly as Trump has in his numerous tweets.

Kimmel introduced the game by saying (full video below):

This spelling bee is presidential, which means you’ll be asked to spell the words I give you, not the way the liberal leftist dictionary spells them, but rather the way our president does. President Donald Jesus Trump.

The kids then struggle to butcher the English language in the same way Trump does on such a regular basis. Try as they might to misspell words like “honored” or “wait” in the same way the president has, only one word gets misspelled correctly…incorrectly…or, well, you get the idea.

Kimmel hilariously awards the winner with a “Champeon” trophy and the runners-up with some not made in America Trump products.

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As if on cue, Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning and continued his assault on the intelligence of the country with more flubs. Multiple errors were noticeably in his series of tweets, but none worse than misspelling the name of CNN CEO Jeff Zucker. The mishap led to the network countering with a little shade thrown back at Trump for the attack.

Featured image via YouTube screen cap.