Kimmel Uses Bogus Tax Returns To Prank Trump Fans

Kimmel Uses Bogus Tax Returns To Prank Trump Fans

‘Lie Witness News’ Asks Trump Fans About Insane (And Totally Fake) Tax Returns

The Lie Witness News segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live continues to prove how easily people will believe even the craziest of stories. The interviewer once managed to get some people to believe Godzilla was based on a true story. The most recent edition hilariously asked supporters of current Republican standard bearer Donald Trump some incredibly false questions following the fake release of his tax returns. And their answers: we’re still behind him!

Some of the preposterous questions asked include:

Was it legitimate for Donald Trump to write off all those marriages over the years as “entertainment”?

Obviously, the big shock is that Donald Trump’s net worth is only $42,000 rather than $10 billion. Does that change your view on him?

What do you think about how Donald Trump donated $50,000 to Jared Fogle’s legal defense fund?

As you might expect, some of the answers were just as silly as the questions. But the support did not waver.

Loyalty to candidates in every election cycle can always be fierce. It’s no surprise to see this kind of devotion to a person’s preferred presidential nominee, whether Donald Trump or any other candidate. But it’s also great to have a laugh about it every once in a while.

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