Macy Gray's Catchy New Christmas Song Praises Obama & Calls Out Trump

Macy Gray’s Catchy New Christmas Song Praises Obama & Calls Out Trump

Macy Gray has just managed to compliment Barack Obama and call out Donald Trump all while filling our ears with a catchy little Christmas tune sung in that beautiful, soulful voice she is so known for.  Her song “All I Want For Christmas” is a cute Christmas tune with a great hook that will have you singing along with her strong social message.  What else would you expect from the five-time Grammy nominee whose soulful voice has brought us music to span decades?

Like many Christmas tunes; “All I Want for Christmas” focuses on wanting lots of stuff.  Only that stuff can’t be bought in a store. Ms.Gray lists what she calls “intangibles.”  The song is asking for free healthcare, gun control, more opportunity for folks living in the ghetto, better education, and prison reform. She calls them things everybody needs.

The chorus says it all.  It’s catchy and powerful.

“Christmas is here/ I know what I want this year/ Presents and toys are fine/ I’ve got bigger things in mind/ Santa can you swing/ More love more peace/ Cuz that’s what everybody needs/Come save the world with me”

The chorus is more impactful because it is sung by children from the Agape Youth Choir in Los Angeles, California. There is also a spoken word section where a few of the kids share what they want for Christmas this year. They chime in with cheerful voices asking for peace for everybody on earth, hope, homes for the homeless, and water for everybody.

The song has definite political undertones. Ms. Gray gives kudos to President Barack Obama saying “Barack you did real good” and she zings presidential hopeful Donald Trump calling him entertaining but asking if he’s really qualified.  She even gives a nod to former Vice President Al Gore by asking the world to take him and the global warming issue more seriously.

In an interview with The Daily Beast; Ms. Gray talks about the process of writing the song and how she finds it “weird” to go into a creative session without thinking about what is happening in the world politically or socially.  She decided to focus on what she really wanted.  She calls herself a “fortunate girl” and says that she really just wants folks in the world to “settle down and get it together.” Sounds good to me!

It’s a catchy little tune. Want to add it to your holiday song collection? You can find it on Amazon or Itunes.

Featured image courtesy of KingArthur_aus/Flickr, CC-BY-2.0.