Hilarious 'Neighbors From Hell' Is Our New Favorite Instagram

Hilarious ‘Neighbors From Hell’ Is Our New Favorite Instagram (IMAGES)

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We’ve all had horrible neighbors at one time or another — including the wild party animals, loud love makers, and snooping busy bodies. Perhaps that’s why Neighbors From Hell took Instagram by storm and gained 24,000 followers in less than a week.

The concept is simple but addicting: The account’s owner collects screen shots from fans’ text messages with their annoying neighbors and posts the best ones to the “Neighbors From Hell” page. When Tess Barker from MTV asked the owner (who prefers to remain anonymous) why he or she started the page, the owner replied:

“I’ve had several versions of my own terrible neighbors and I’ve never quite understood the reasoning behind it. These people live next to you — how about being nice, or at least pleasant?”

But, if these neighbors are so horrible, why do we give them our phone numbers?

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“Sometimes it’s necessity. I think you can’t help but give your number to immediate neighbors for so many reasons. For in case of emergency or if you think you might be friends. You have no way of knowing at first how crazy these people are.”

A few samples from “Neighbors From Hell.”

The texts from Neighbors From Hell are so funny and over-the-top outrageous, you could wind up wasting hours browsing them. Here are a few of our favorites.

This lusty lady has a holly, jolly Christmas gift in mind for her neighbor, but his girlfriend’s ready to deck her f*cking halls!

Hi is your girlfriend home? :) Why? (photo of mistletoe charm) ?? What is that? It's a misteltoe belly ring. Wanna come play under it? This is matt's girlfriend. Ur a desperate slut * a pig! Delete his number or I'll come over there and deck your f*cking halls.

This nasty neighbor needs a pooper scooper.

Neighbors from Hell: I just watched your dog crap in front of my house and you didn't pick it up. Was it interesting?  No, it was disgusting. Are you going to pic it up? It's on my property. I mean, kind of sounds like it's YOUR problem then, huh?

This guy likes to play inappropriate pranks with his neighbor’s Christmas decorations, and Santa’s going to find out he’s naughty, not nice.

Neighbors from Hell: Did you rearrange our lawn decorations to make it look like Frosty the Snowman and Santa are having sex? No, but that's hilarious. Always thought Frosty might be gay but had no idea about Santa. It's not funny. You're right. All love is Beautiful. Go Santa!

…. And this is why we should never hook up with our neighbors:

Neighbors from Hell: Who's the slut with the red hair? Seriously? Are u going to critique every woman who comes to my apt? Should have thought of that b4 you hooked up with your neighbor. Should have picked a neighbor who wasn't a psycho.

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Oh, and if you don’t want neighbors using your wireless Internet account, you might want to create a password.

Neighbors from Hell: Hey what's that thing you do when the Internet stops working? You mean reset the router? Yeah.... Could you? You've been using MY internet?? Yeah and I'm in the middle of Walking Dead, could you do it soon?

What is up with this neighbor’s son, and what happened to his pants?

 Neighbors from Hell: Your kid is in my yard again. Come on, this again? He's not wearing any pants and he's chasing my dog. Boys will be boys. Yeah, but yours is 24 and drunk.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people don’t hate you.

Neighbors from Hell: Do you know who took my laundry out of the washing machine? No, why would I? Because you were in the laundry room and now they're gone. Where did they go? Maybe they ran away because you accuse peole of shit they didn't do and they hate you.

Neighbors with leaf blowers happen to be one of this writer’s pet peeves.

Neighbors from Hell: Can you please stop using your leaf-blower three times a day? OK You're doing it again. You can't have that many leaves. Stop blowing! Said no man ever.

Oh, and you can always blackmail your neighbors when you need a favor.

Neighbors from Hell: Hey, I'm going out of town on Sat.-Tues. Can you get my mail for me? What are you going to do for me? Not tell your girlfriend that you're f*cking the girl with the Mini Coooper? NP ... see you Wed!

She doesn’t seem the least bit disturbed about what her son slipped under her neighbor’s door. And what, exactly, is “manscaping?”

Neighbors from Hell: Your son slipped a drawing under my door. That's so sweet :-) It's a drawing of a very hairy penis. Not cool. He's only 9. He doesn't know about manscaping yet.

It never pays to say bad things about your neighbors’ pets.

Neighbors from Hell: Hey, did I just see you outside walking a PIG?? Yes, she's our pet :) You can't seriously think it's a good idea to have a smelly disgusting pig in our building, can you? Given some of the men we've seen you bring home at 2am, I'm not sure I get your point.

Oh, and never a borrower nor lender be.

 Neighbors from Hell: Hi. Remember the coat of mine you borrowed and lost last year? Yes, I already apologized, but I'm sorry... I saw you wearing it yesterday. Oops. I thought you were out of town.

Photo: Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor from “Bewitched,” via Bewitched Wikia.