President Obama Takes Over 'The Colbert Report' With 'THE DECREE' (VIDEO)

President Obama Takes Over ‘The Colbert Report’ With ‘THE DECREE’ (VIDEO)

On Monday evening’s episode of The Colbert Report President Obama stopped by for an interview with Stephen Colbert. However, before the interview began President Obama came out and took over Colbert’s “The Word” segment and dubbed it “The Decree.” Obama said, “You’ve been taking a lot of shots at my job, I’ve decided to take a shot at yours.”

President Obama, speaking as Stephen Colbert, began:

“Nation, as you know, I, Stephen Colbert, have never cared for our President. That guy is so arrogant. I bet he talks about himself in the third person.”

The president then took on Obamacare:

“How do you stop something that more and more people are starting to like?”

… and how Republicans could go about getting rid of it:

“They could pass a bill repealing Obamacare. But the President still has the veto and if I know that guy, he is willing to use it… and let’s face it, even if Republicans somehow did repeal it, they would have to replace it with their own health care plan. Once they touch it, they own it, and then if anything goes wrong, suddenly everybody will be complaining about Mitch McConnell-care.” 

“Walk It” then appeared next to Obama under ‘THE DECREE’ to insinuate that would be the Republicans’ new health care website to replace

The president then reminded everyone how “Frozen” the health care website was last year. However, now that it works, he inquired how he may get the word out to young folks:

“The new website works, and most young people can get covered for less than a hundred bucks, but how is the president gonna get that message out to the kids?

“Tattoo it on Taylor Swift” appears written next to him.

“He could try to appeal to them directly through a speech or a press conference, but young people don’t watch real news shows like this one.” 

“Or Fake ones like Fox” then appears to an uproar of laughter.

“They watch comedy shows, and I just don’t see the president going on one of those. They’re beneath his dignity.”

Watch the video of the segment below: