May The Fourth Be With You

Just days ago, The Trump/Pence Campaign released the classic chest thumping campaign ad, bragging about accomplishments in the president’s first 100 days. Today, May The Fourth, another administration released an attack ad depicting their political opposition in much the same way the Trump Ad depicted theirs. But this wasn’t an ad from North Korea, or ISIS, or Russia. It was an attack ad funded by a tyrannical empire. Like the Trump ad, it was the typical deep-voiced ad with black-and-white grainy pictures, overt slams against the opposition and dire warnings about  trickery. In Trump’s ad, red stencil style graphics depicted the word ‘FAKE’ over the faces of well known news anchors prompting CNN to release a statement explaining why they chose not to air the ad.

CNN’s refusal to air the ad sparked outrage and  a frantic tantrum from the campaign’s executive director Michael Glasner, who toed the line about censorship and drove home the ‘fake media’ narrative.

“This is censorship pure and simple.  By rejecting our ad, CNN has proven that it supports censorship is biased and fears an opposing point of view. President Trump’s loyal supporters know the truth: The mainstream media mislead, misguide, deceive, and distract.”

Glasner’s statements have a lot in common with the ideals of this other propaganda machine. The calculated attempt to defame anyone or anything not in perfect lock-step with the Trump Administration is classic Trump. Noncompliance is seen as an affront to liberty and the Trump agenda. The theme of this new ad echo Trump’s. Where the Trump ad depicts news coverage as ‘FAKE’, this ad depicts opponents and critics of the Empire as deceptive manipulators and ‘subversive’ dressers.  The look of each ad is the same and one leader with deep-edged worry lines and pock-marked skin texture resembles the other.  In short, one wanna-be emperor is mimicking the behavior of the most notorious emperor the wold,or Coruscant has ever seen.  Watch the Empire’s Ad below.

And May The Fourth Be With You.

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