Ted Cruz Proved He's a Shutdown Clown in Just 6 Words - But Twitter Had a Lot More to Say

Ted Cruz Proved He’s a Shutdown Clown in Just 6 Words – But Twitter Had a Lot More to Say

Republican Senator Ted Cruz Seems To Forget His Role In 2013 Shutdown

The government shutdown has come to an end after a relatively brief few days. Democrats made a deal for a temporary spending fix in exchange for a promise from Republican Mitch McConnell to hold a vote on DACA. And as the announcement was made, many Senators were asked for their reactions. Leave it to Republican Ted Cruz to give one of the most ridiculous.

Andrew Rafferty of NBC News tweeted out six words of complete and utter nonsense from Cruz.

Cruz’s comments came in the middle of taking questions from reporters that were incredulous at his assertion.

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This is, of course, a lie. Ted Cruz was considered the “Shutdown star” the last time the government closed in 2013. He infamously read Green Eggs and Ham during a filibuster leading up to the shutdown. Even a tweet today from conservative Fox News pundit Brit Hume makes no mistake about that fact.

Cruz butted heads with his fellow Republicans at the time of the 2013 shutdown. Republican Bob Corker had a particularly heated exchange with the Texas Senator on the floor of the Senate at the time.

Twitter users had some hilarious and brutal reactions to the self-rebranding by Ted Cruz in the face of past evidence.

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Ted Cruz being hypocritical about his past positions is nothing new. A particularly disgusting bit of his hypocrisy was on display when asking for Hurricane Harvey relief funding after opposing similar efforts for Hurricane Sandy relief just a few years earlier.

Cruz and other Republicans certainly seem to be taking a cue from the president that, even if there is video evidence of something, it’s okay to deny it ever happened. In other words, he’s just living up to that warm and fuzzy nickname candidate Donald Trump bestowed on him: Lyin’ Ted.

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