The Walking Dead premiered on Halloween night in 2010, and it’s been all uphill since then. The show has shattered previous cable television records, and there’s no indication that it will be gone anytime soon. Amazingly, Facebook found that the show actually united Democrats and Republicans. As if we care, though, it might soon be losing its conservative audience.

The Walking Dead Gay Kiss

On the Feb. 22 episode of The Walking Dead, the storyline of Aaron, a survivor who showed up in the final scene of the previous episode, was delved deeper into. As it turns out, Aaron is a homosexual male, and another new character on the show, Eric, is his partner.
I want to say that Republicans would have known this if they’d read the comic series, but this would require the assumption that most Republicans can read. And as a journalist with integrity, I simply cannot make that assumption without something more in the way of evidence.
We’ll ignore the fact that Tara, another character, has been an open lesbian on the show since last season. We’ll ignore this because ignorant bigots certainly are. When it came to the heartwarming scene where Aaron and Eric were reunited and shared a kiss, though, droves of the Walking Assholes hit Twitter in full force.
Here are some of the more idiotic Tweets, followed by some epic responses from non-bigoted fans.

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