Someone Inserted An Accordion Into Trump's Waving Hands And It Makes His Crazy Talk Bearable

Someone Inserted An Accordion Into Trump’s Waving Hands And It Makes His Crazy Talk Bearable

Trump With An Accordion Is Sheer Comedic Genius

Well, if “life accordion to Donald Trump” makes little sense to you (and probably it doesn’t), then at the very least, this video will make you smile.

Some genius has managed to digitally alter clips of Donald Trump by adding an accordion between the president-elect’s hands. In between blowing hot air, tossing incomprehensible word salads during rallies, raising your blood pressure while whipping up his base into a rabid frenzy, Donald Trump is now squeezing a ridiculous instrument between his tiny hands.

Huw Parkison, the person behind this video, is a comedic genius. And perhaps he or she is throwing Trump a bone. After he gets impeached, he can take his show on the road.

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The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, January 20th. For many, it’s a panic-inducing thought, so by all means, watch the video “Life Accordion To Trump” below and at least get a laugh before it all comes crashing down.

Image via screen grab