Trump Challenger's Epic 2020 Campaign Ad Gives Trump a Huge, Hilarious Middle Finger (VIDEO)

Trump Challenger’s Epic 2020 Campaign Ad Gives Trump a Huge, Hilarious Middle Finger (VIDEO)

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox Trolls Donald Trump With Brutal Fake 2020 Campaign Ad

Republican Donald Trump began his campaign for president with a disgusting attack on people from south of the United States’ border. And one of the voices that has been hitting hardest back at Trump from Mexico has been former President Vincente Fox.

And in his latest video message, Fox takes trolling Trump to a whole new level. In a hilarious campaign-style video, Fox announces his fake candidacy for president of the United States in 2020. And every second of this video is some of the best trolling of the Republican president you will see anywhere.

Fox begins the video sitting at his desk surrounded by obvious jabs at “last year’s rotting Halloween pumpkin”. His coffee mug is labeled “Covfefe”. A VHS tape labeled “Pee Tape” sits to his left. And behind him is a fake Time magazine cover with Fox on it and the headline “Vincente Fox Throws A Baseball Over The Moon”.

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The video is filled with shots at every failure Trump has had along the way during his brief time in the White House. He begins by answering the obvious question everyone might have: how can a Mexican be president of the United State? He has a brutal answer:

I have three words: Donald “Fucken” Trump. 

If that worn-out baseball glove tightly gripping a turd can be president, then, amigos, anyone can.

One of Fox’s promises is to build a “beautiful” wall, but not quite like the one Donald Trump has promised. This one would be quite a bit smaller and encircle one particular building in New York.

Then Fox hits Trump with a brutal dig at his failure to pass significant legislation.

I was going to promise to undo all of Donald’s hateful legislation, but, amigo, you haven’t passed a fucken thing. I’m not even president yet and we have both passed the same amount of substantial legislation.

Fox doesn’t let up at any point.

Donald, you suck so much at this job. If they ever do a Mount Rushmore for shitty presidents, it will just be your bloated, orange head four times.

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The ad has everything you want, complete with a campaign song and some red hats Trump might not like too much.

Vincente Fox has hilariously hammered Donald Trump numerous times along the way, but this is probably his best yet. And considering how badly this administration has flopped to this point, a lot of Americans will really enjoy this new face for a hypothetical 2020 run.

Featured image via YouTube screen cap (Fair Use).

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