Twitter Erupts When Fox News Host Excoriates Trump for Demanding 'Groveling', Petty Attacks

Twitter Erupts When Fox News Host Excoriates Trump for Demanding ‘Groveling’, Petty Attacks

Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Rips Donald Trump And Twitter Ate It Up

Fox News host Neil Cavuto spent a few minutes of his show scolding Republican Donald Trump yesterday over his most recent childlike social media tantrums. Twitter users quickly took notice of the verbal smackdown, and even used one of his phrases to send plenty of messages to the president to act like he belongs in the Oval Office.

Cavuto ripped Trump for not only failing to be “presidential” but failing to be “human” in his attacks on Republican Senator Jeff Flake and the father of a UCLA player accused of shoplifting in China. The Fox News host rightly points out the president isn’t just wanting the normal praise of a Commander in Chief, but the praise of an authoritarian “Dear Leader”.

Throwing mud at a U.S. Senator doesn’t make you any less swamp-like. So maybe you should care. And wishing maybe you should have left those UCLA players in China because a dad wouldn’t thank you makes me wonder whether this isn’t about players or Senators? 

This is about you. And respect shown to you. And constant praise shown to you. And gratitude, bordering on groveling, shown to you. As President of the United States, doesn’t that already come with the territory? 

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The Fox News host finished with a simple call to the president to try acting like he is an adult and not a “kindergartner” or “moron”.

But last time I checked, you are the President of the United States! Why don’t you act like it?

Twitter users praised the verbal beating, particularly one coming from Fox News.

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Others took his phrasing and used “You’re The President” to send Donald Trump plenty of not-so-heartfelt messages.

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The behavior of Republican Donald Trump as president has oftentimes been incredibly embarrassing to the nation, and even Fox News host like Neil Cavuto are fed up with his immaturity. If only they had seen what was obvious to so many before they walked into the voting booth last year…

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