Watch How Painfully Awkward Fox Made the Final Moments of the O'Reilly Factor (VIDEO)

Watch How Painfully Awkward Fox Made the Final Moments of the O’Reilly Factor (VIDEO)

Fox Gives O’Reilly a Very Weird Sendoff

Bill O’Reilly was formally terminated from Fox “News” on Wednesday. Tucker Carlson is slated to take over the time slot for Bill’s eponymous show, The O’Reilly Factor, on Monday. But several episodes of the show aired in the interim. Fox ended the show after a 21-year run on a painfully awkward note, Friday.

O’Reilly was shitcanned because secret settlements worth tens of millions to women that O’Reilly allegedly sexually harassed became public, and activists targeting O’Reilly’s sponsors started hurting Rupert Murdoch’s bottom line.

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The weirdness stemmed from the fact that Fox had scrubbed references to O’Reilly. Even the name of the show, and the branding in the chyrons had changed from The O’Reilly Factor to The Factor. The hosts seemed to do rhetorical gymnastics to avoid mentioning O’Reilly. Bill had gone down the memory hole. It was as if he was an uncle of Kim Jong Un who had displeased North Korea’s tyrant, and had been scrubbed from state propaganda.

And yet, the Fox crew who was operating his time slot lamented his departure from the show. Or rather, they were saddened by the ending-ness of it. The whole episode was like a funeral where the people giving the eulogy are not allowed to acknowledge the casket in the room.

Greg Gutfeld, filling in for O’Reilly, began the last minutes of the segment by saying,

“We have come to the last line of the last page of this book.”

He then introduced Carlson and asked him what he has in store for his show. Carlson replied,

“Look, I’m a conservative. I don’t believe in change, necessarily.”

Gutfeld replied, “I hear you,” as the two chuckled. Carlson continued,

“So I don’t think we’re going to change things too much. I’m very aware of the history of this hour; of the bigness of it, the success of it. And the audience, which is the key to all of it. So I hope I can stay true to the basics of the hour.”

Carlson then, in typical Fox fashion, gaslighted the audience, describing the program as the opposite of what it is, saying,

“We’re going to be skeptical as always. I think that’s the heart of journalism. You know, ask tough questions, be respectful. I think that’s okay. But, you know, force people with power to account for what they’re doing.” 

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Gutfeld and Carlson then yukked it up like entitled frat boys about how Carlson abuses his guests. Carlson left, and then Gutfeld concluded the show,

“As we look forward to new beginnings, this is a sad day here. … I’ve never been in a situation like this before. How do I turn out the lights on such a venerable and amazing show? I can’t. It’s not my show. And it’s not my place. So, on behalf of everyone on The Factor, good night, and godspeed. 

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