Regardless of whether you recently discovered The X-Files or you’re such a hardcore fan that you know The Cigarette Smoking Man as C.G.B Spender, you were likely ecstatic to hear that the sci-fi phenomenon was coming back to the small screen in January 2016. Even better? Many of the original stars, including Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, will be on the new season.The X-Files Returns
All of this begs to question: What’s a hardcore “x-phile” to do until January 24? Well my friends, it’s simple. We kill the Batman. But seriously, it’s time to get caught up on our X-Files chronology. Honestly, though, why wait until the last month to try to squeeze all 202 episodes and both movies in?

Pace yourself, man! As it turns out, if you start watching one episode of The X-Files every day starting on… wait for it… Independence Day, you’ll get through every episode and both movies the day before the new season comes out. In fact, this calendar has the entire remainder of your year mapped out for you. You’re welcome.

And no excuses on holidays! Consider these episodes little holiday treats. On Christmas Day, for example, you get to watch “Per Manum.” The episode involves humans giving birth to aliens, and this means you get to celebrate the birth of two celestial beings on earth in one day!

Worried about not getting your scares on Halloween? Well, “Drive” has people getting their heads exploded. How scary is that? Oh, and it’s the episode that landed Bryan Cranston the lead role in Breaking Bad. So that’s fun.

You’ve got nearly two months to plan for this. From what I hear, Netflix still has the entire series running. If you don’t have Netflix, this calendar has the name of every single episode and when to watch it, so that should make it easier to find online. Legally, of course. You don’t want to get on the bad side of the FBI right as Mulder and Scully are coming back in.

You can catch up on all episodes on Netflix or Hulu. Then again, if you go to Google and type in “Project Free TV,” a website will come up that also allows you to watch all episodes. Couple problems: some of the episodes could have been removed. Oh, and the people posting these videos aren’t doing so legally. So we wouldn’t recommend it. But that’s your call.

The X-Files Calendar

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