Trump Has Normalized Race-Induced Hate And It Has To Stop

Dateline Port St. Lucie, Florida: A Facebook group calling themselves Church Militant Resistance Palm Beach organized a city council protest against a new mosque that wasn’t even moving to the area. Leaders from the Far Right  group and the Republican Party of St. Lucie County spouted such vitriol as ‘This is America, we don’t want them here’ and ‘America is a Christian Nation…It always has been’. Their fear mongering attracted news cameras and newspaper write-ups and a heavier-than-normal police presence during the council meeting. Other than a few choice words back and forth and an epic scolding from Port St. Lucie Mayor Greg Oravec, the night was conflict free. While Far Right flag wavers are busy blaming every incident of crime and depravity on immigrants or Muslim terrorists, their brothers-in-arms are committing  acts of homegrown terrorism at a rate that surpasses any Radical Islamic threat. And the Right turns two blind eyes to that overwhelming evidence. The Trump Effect has inspired such reasonable and thoughtful comments as this one from Martin Lorenzo,who is a leader within the Church Militant Resistance Palm Beach. Referring to a local mosque where Orlando shooter Omar Mateen attended, Lorenzo wasn’t too shy to let Islam ‘have it’ from the safe confines of Facebook.

“It’s amazing how the left, who say it’s about opposing Trump, actually mean opposing the values that most mainstream Americans still cherish. The sanctity of life from conception to natural death; monogamy; traditional marriage; the right to bear arms; secure borders free From Radical Islamic terrorists ; and small limited government. It’s ok for Muslims to be homophobic; racist,; demeaning to women and anti Semitic. But a Christian! The hammer of the so called tolerant left comes crashing down. Christ prepared us for this. ‘Remember as the world has hated me, so to it will hate you as well .’”

The problem with rhetoric like this is that it is categorically wrong. Lorenzo calls out ‘The Left’ and ‘Radical Islam” as the blight on mainstream America. But according to a report issued by the Government Accountability Office the truth is the opposite. Recent terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by homegrown whites at a rate of nearly 3 to 1 compared to Islamic terror acts on American soil. Homegrown terrorism is the culprit.

Of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far-right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent).”

Not that science, or numbers, have ever gotten in the way of the GOP narrative, though. We have a president that simply shoots holes in any entity that might challenge his claims by branding them as fake. Then we have a very vociferous right-wing base that latches on to Alt-Truth dialogue and spreads it like a virus. And then we normalize white supremacy like the ideology of contributor Andrew Anglin, writing for the White Nationalist blog The Daily Stormer, lauding Trump in a recent article  for “setting us free” as he says.

We helped get Trump get elected, and the fact of the matter is, without Alt-Right meme magick, it simply wouldn’t have happened. ..they know how much good we can do in the future, making sure young people get on board with Trumpism.  It is also a slap in the face to the kikes of the SPLC and the ADL who pushed for us to be classified along with actual Islamic terrorists as a way to legally justify outrageous abuses against us by the federal government. They will always bring up Dylann Roof, but they won’t bring up the daily slaughter of whites by blacks that Roof was responding to. Of course what Roof did was silly, but it was perfectly understandable if you put it in context. And in the age of Trump, it is very easy to avoid these types of tactical bowl-cutism by giving a real voice to the disenfranchised white male.

Dylan Roof was the Alt-Right White Nationalist Terrorist who gunned down nine worshipers at  Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015. What you just read wasn’t an Islamic terrorist gloating about an American murderer. What you read was a White Supremacist bragging about homegrown terrorism, saying Roof’s crime was ‘perfectly understandable if you put it into context’. Please let that sink in. Our president was endorsed by croneys and lackeys and violent maladjusted terror mongers from right within his own party. Planting the seeds of hysteria is a tactic of control.  Islam isn’t the problem, good old fashioned American hate wins out every time. This is where we’re at America. This is why we resist.

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