It’s been a hard few weeks for “them Duke boys.” After it was announced that Warner Brothers would no longer manufacture Dukes of Hazzard merchandise featuring the Army of Northern Virginia’s battle flag — typically just referred to as “the Confederate flag” — TV Land also declared that it would be pulling the show from its rotation entirely.


First, let’s be clear about one thing: This isn’t what most liberals wanted. Flying the flag of a make-believe foreign country over a state capital is a far cry from an old TV show featuring the flag on a car. So it seems as though some comedy show would eventually do a skit on the absurdity of TV Land’s decision.

As it turns out, Blue Collar TV did this way back in 2005. The similarities are quite eerie, but those watching will either find it incredibly hilarious or incredibly offensive. You be the judge.

So there’s a lot to find offensive here. The episode implies that “Ladies first” is an affront to feminists, it has Boss Hogg in blackface for all intents and purposes and it essentially states that people will get ticked off about absolutely everything.

Then again — TV Land did just remove a classic television show over the featured car. Maybe Blue Collar TV knew what was going on all along. Oh, and since the show implies that southerners make out with their cousins in the end, we’ll call it fair play. Just one of the many stereotypes you learn to live with growing up liberal in the Deep South.

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