Worldwide Earth Day March for Science Dwarfs Trump's Inauguration

Worldwide Earth Day March for Science Dwarfs Trump’s Inauguration

The Worldwide March for Science Is Being Called ‘Unprecedented’

Since we know President Donald Trump has a total hang-up about crowd sizes, the Earth Day March for Science events will no doubt be yet another thorn of contention in his presidency. (Or, in other words, expect a tantrum on his Twitter account soon.) And that’s because, once again, a march has dwarfed the president’s inauguration. This March for Science is being called “unprecedented,” both for its size, the number of locations, and the scope of its intent.

Here are the marches, by the numbers:

In New York City, the NYPD estimates the number of marchers to be around 20,000 strong.

In Philadelphia, 20,000 more marched in favor of truth and science.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, around 10,000 people gathered to march.

And in Washington, D.C., around 15,000 gathered on the Mall – and that doesn’t even count the number of those who marched in favor of science.

Chicago drew in an estimated 40,000 marchers.

And we haven’t even gotten to the West Coast yet, where it’s estimated that around 50,000 more marched in favor of our Earth.

These are just a smattering of cities that held marches in the United States. Furthermore, it was a worldwide march – present on every continent…even Antarctica.

In the end, the numbers are conclusive: Science trumps Trump. People know that the oceans are warming and the tides are rising and that we need to do something to curb this terrifying trend.

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And today, they send a message, loud and clear, to President Donald Trump. Climate change is not a Chinese hoax. And science is true, whether someone believes in it or not. It’s no longer up for debate. The only question left is, what are we going to do about it?

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