Mark Steyn At A Senate Climate Change Hearing? WHY?!?

Who The Hell Is ‘Mark Steyn’ And What Was He Doing At A Senate Climate Change Hearing?

Mark Steyn is not a scientist. He’s a science denier.

On Tuesday, Mark Steyn testified on climate change at a U.S. Senate hearing on climate change for the Subcommittee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Wait a minute. Who the Hell is Mark Steyn?  The fact that our nation — and the world — suffers the misfortune of having Sen. Ted Cruz as the chair of this subcommittee should offer a clue. Andrew Seifter from Media Matters reports:

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), the climate science-denying presidential candidate who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, convened a December 8 hearing that purported to answer whether the “debate over the magnitude of human impact on earth’s climate” is being driven by “data or dogma.” One of Cruz’s star witnesses is frequent Rush Limbaugh Show guest host Mark Steyn, whose extreme attacks on a climate scientist appear to be the main reason he was invited to participate.

As for why Mark Steyn — a non-scientist and self-promoting climate change denier, author of “Climate Change: The Facts,” right-wing radio host, and Fox “News” guest — was invited to testify at a hearing on climate change, Seifter hazards a guess:

The most obvious explanation for Steyn’s appearance would seem to be that Cruz couldn’t find enough scientists who oppose the 97 percent of climate scientists that say human activities are causing climate change, so he had to turn to a talk radio shock jock instead.


Perhaps Exxon-Mobil doesn’t have so many fake climate “scientists” on their payroll after all. In any case, Mark Steyn took the stand and declared:

“I am not a scientist, I’m an author. And I’m also one of seven billion people on this planet that the government’s assembled in Paris, currently, are presuming to determine the future of.”

This is in line with his stance on the call to address the effects of human-made climate change as some elitist plot to force ordinary Americans to become effete, beret-wearing, latte-sipping, Prius-driving environmentalists. And like Ted Cruz and his anti-“big government” fellow right-wingers, Mark Steyn firmly believes global issues like human-made climate change can be addressed unilaterally by individuals at local and state levels.

“Nothing agreed at Paris is going to do anything for that. If you expect  the agreement in Paris to end the tidal flooding in Miami Beach, you’re going to be waiting a long time. If you want to do something about the tidal flooding in Miami Beach, the mayor of Miami Beach and the Governor of Florida are the guys who can get together and do it.”

Never mind that the Tomás Pedro Regalado, the mayor of Miami, probably lacks funds for raising Miami above the tide line and has no control over how much carbon other people, nations and corporations spew into the air. Never mind that the Tea Party governor of Florida, Rick Scott, refuses to do anything to address climate change and wants the words “global warming” stricken from official records. Mark Steyn then goes into a deranged rant about “false” Nobel Prize winners, Ret. Rear Admiral David W. Titley (a world-renowned expert on climate change), and the “next stage of Big Climate Enforcement.”

Watch Mark Steyn “testify” at the U.S. Senate hearing on climate change.

Featured image: Video screen grab/Politibrew.