Nutball Conspiracy Theorist And Trump Advisor Roger Stone: Moon Landing Is A Hoax (TWEETS)

Nutball Conspiracy Theorist And Trump Advisor Roger Stone: Moon Landing Is A Hoax (TWEETS)

It’s not really a secret that some people who support Donald Trump are a bit on the extreme side. And it’s not even a secret that some of his campaign staff are a bit detached from reality.  

But then there’s Trump advisor Roger Stone, who is not only detached from reality, he’s also divorced from, and allergic to it.

Trump relies on Stone’s talking points to a major degree, but Stone is a conspiracy theorist of the highest order. In lockstep with a small group of fellow nincompoops, Stone believes the moon landing is a hoax. According to The New York Times “polling consistently suggests that some 6 percent of Americans believe the landings were faked and could not have happened.”

In 2013, he tweeted this in response to comedian Charlie Currie:

So yes, we’re talking about a small group. And here’s just one of many reasons why we know the moon landing isn’t a hoax, courtesy of National Geographic. 

And Stone doesn’t stop there. He contends that the Clintons orchestrated the murders of four people this year. He also believes they killed John F. Kennedy Jr. and that President George H.W. Bush attempted to kill President Reagan.

But wait, there’s more

Stone also claims President Lyndon Johnson killed President John F. Kennedy, and that somehow Sen. Ted Cruz’s father is connected to Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

And Trump has echoed some of Stone’s conspiracy theories in the past — especially the theory that the election will be rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton and that the liberal media is playing along. He’s also claiming that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia may have been planned.

And the conspiracy theorists are eating this up

But Stone has also tweeted disgusting things:

Why anyone would think Bernie Sanders is a soviet agent is beyond me, but this Roger Stone, after all (who can’t even spell Bernie’s last name correctly).

And I’m the last person in the world who would ever support Rick Santorum, but Stone tweeted this:

And Media Matters also reports he tweeted this:

The man is so obnoxious that he’s been banned by CNN, MSNBC and, believe it or not, even Fox News.

CNN and MSNBC confirmed to Media Matters that Stone was banned because of his offensive comments. In return, he’s lashed out at both networks and Media Matters.

This was undoubtedly due to some pretty disgusting attacks Stone launched against some of Fox’s news anchors and hosts. He called contributor Allen West an “arrogant-know-it-all negro,” and, like Trump did, mocked someone for their physical problems — in this case Fox contributor Charles Krauthammer, who is in a wheelchair, telling him to “stand the fuck up.” He caused further ire by saying he wants “to bash Bill O’Reilly’s head in,” (I’m guessing he’s not the first person to say that). He’s also called contributor Herman Cain “Mandingo,” and said anchor Megyn Kelly has a “nice set of cans.”

You know, the kind of stuff Donald Trump frequently says. I don’t particularly care for Fox News, but these comments are awful.

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And earlier this month, in a speech, Stone confirmed he’d been bounced by Fox News, telling his audience this

“I’m banned at CNN. I’m banned at MSNBC. I’m banned at Fox because I kick their ass. That’s why they don’t let me on.”

He also complained:

“Fox is gone, folks. Fox is no longer a conservative media outlet. It’s been taken over by the globalists. Rupert Murdoch’s made his deal. Roger Ailes was a patriot. Now he’s been smeared. That was a coup d’etat. They got the last American out of there. Now we’ve got a bunch of globalists. I should say American nationalists—out of there. Now we’ve got a bunch of globalists. There’s a few patriots: Sean Hannity, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Judge Jeanine.”

Hopefully the globalists will work on them too and they’ll go bye-bye too.

The next time you wonder where Trump gets some of his asinine statements, look to this guy. These are the kind of comments 11-year-old boys make.

And one of them is running for president.

Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images for SiriusXM