The Mysteries Of Stonehenge Reveled By Dr. Dennis Lindsay

On Wednesday, televangelist Jim Bakker invited Dr. Dennis Lindsay to his program. Lindsay was on set to share his newest discovery in the realm of Creation Science. Believe it or not, this wing-nut is claiming the ancient ruins of Stonehenge were built by giants. And these aren’t just your average, God-fearing giants. Stonehenge was built by Satanic giants.

“We all know about Stonehenge, right? That’s just one of hundreds and hundreds of gigantic places around the world that testify that some sort of supernatural power or giants were involved in its construction.”

Stonehenge has long been the inspiration for conspiracy theories and occult fantasies. The large ring of stones is an awe inspiring architectural feat but archaeological evidence suggests that teams of human laborers toiled for years to complete the monument. The gargantuan stones were quarried by hand in Wales and then transported by a primitive, early barge to their eventual resting spot.

The original intent for this landmark that’s sat upon a hill in Salisbury for over a millennia has been lost to time; it might have helped Bronze Age peoples keep track of the time or even been a integral part of their religious ceremony. But one thing I can say for certain is that Stonehenge has nothing to do with aliens, wizards, demons or giants. Sorry Dr. Lindsay.

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