Jesus Is Your Flu Shot, According to Trump's Wacko Evangelical Adviser's Really Bad Advice

Jesus Is Your Flu Shot, According to Trump’s Wacko Evangelical Adviser’s Really Bad Advice

Trump Advisor Copeland: ‘Flu, I bind you off of the people in the name of Jesus’  – Feel Better now?

There is widespread flu activity in all 48 continuous United States. Infectious disease experts have warned that the 2017-2018 influenza strain is an all age virus”. The Centers for Disease Control reported just last week that “this year’s flu is putting more people in the hospital than ever before“. But a member of President Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board (try not to laugh at that irony) doesn’t want you to worry because she has a solution that’s cheaper and more convenient than modern medicine and hospital visits: Jesus.

Televangelist Gloria Copeland wants you to Innoculate yourself with the word of God according to a video posted online by Right Wing Watch

Copeland teased her sermon on Facebook by telling followers:

It’s NOT flu season! Yes, you heard it right. The flu is NOT a season we have around here because Jesus bore ALL our sickness on the cross. This includes the flu! If you’re overcoming the flu right now, listen in as Gloria prays for YOU! 

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And while preaching to the choir, presented an orthodox prescription for fighting the deadly epidemic.

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“We don’t have a flu season. We’ve got a duck season, a deer season, but we don’t have a flu season. And don’t receive it when somebody threatens you with ‘everybody’s getting the flu’. We’ve already had our shot, He bore our sickness and carried our diseases. That’s what we stand on. And by His stripes, we were healed.”  Copeland continued to perform her own vaccination on those presently infected by the virus. “If you’ve already got the flu, I’m going to pray for you right now. Father, I pray for every person that has symptoms of flu. I’m asking you Lord with your supernatural power to heal them now from the top of their head to the soles of their feet. Flu I bind you off of the people in the name of Jesus!” 

While history and medicine believe that the first influenza vaccine was administered about 80 years ago, Copeland claims that it was actually almost 2,000 years ago:

Jesus himself gave us the flu shot. He redeemed us from the curse of flu. 

Thankfully, Copeland is merely a televangelist and not a doctor. However, this shouldn’t be easily dismissed as a crazed religious fundamentalist refusing to accept proven science. As a member of the president’s Evangelical Advisory Board, both Copeland and her husband Ken have had direct access to Trump. Furthermore, the Copelands were under federal investigation a decade ago over allegations that they were using their tax-exempt ministries to enrich themselves personally.

Advising followers to avoid medical attention in the face of an epidemic is not only putting their lives in danger, it’s also putting their children as well as any other people they may come in contact with at an unnecessary and potentially deadly risk.

Sadly, however, it barely rates among the scariest or craziest words spoken on behalf of this administration. To see Copeland’s irresponsible sermon, scroll below. For real advice on how to proceed if you believe you’re showing symptoms of influenza, here’s what professionals recommend.

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