Three GOP Presidential Candidates Were Present For This Terrifying Anti-Gay Rant.

“YES! Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals,” howls a ranting, raving, heavily-breathing Pastor Kevin Swanson at the past weekend’s National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa.

“YES! Romans Chapter 1, Verse 32 […] that homosexuals are worthy of death. HIS WORDS, NOT MINE!!!! And I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

And the Colorado-based pastor doesn’t care if his demanding the death penalty for homosexuals might harm the chances of the three GOP presidential candidates — Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee — who’ve attended Swanson’s dubious yearly event. Like Kim Davis and so many other so-called Christians, Kevin Swanson’s willing to GO TO JAIL for his religious freedumbs.

Nor was Swanson some random outlier. First of all, he’s the one that runs this conference. Second, Right Wing Watch— which caught Swanson’s rabid spittle-flecked rantings on video — noted he was far from alone in his sentiments:

Two other speakers invited to the conference have similarly backed capital punishment for gay people, and one came prepared with a pamphlet he wrote explaining that view. 

Oh, but wait…perhaps that death penalty for gays is a bit hasty.

Swanson: Before We Have A Death Penalty For Gays, Give Them Time To Repent.

During Swanson’s closing keynote on Saturday, he abruptly changes his mind and says let’s not call for that death penalty for gays quite yet.

“You say WHY wouldn’t you call for it? And I say it’s because we need some time for homosexuals to repent. THAT’s why.”

After all, why just settle for murdering gay people when we can first subject them to a Spanish Inquisition and demand that they repent? As Right Wing Watch explains:

Instead, he said, gay people first need time to repent of their sins, as do people who have committed adultery, gotten divorced or looked at porn, all of which he said are inviting God’s judgment on America.

It’s highly disturbing that three Republican candidates for president who’ve been deemed credible enough to appear in nationally-televised debates would actually attend this travesty of a gathering. It’s even more disturbing that one is a sitting U.S. Senator, one is a sitting governor and the other is a former governor. And they weren’t merely present, Swanson actually brought each of them up on stage.

Here’s the video with an insane Pastor Swanson demanding the death penalty for gays, so you can see for yourself.

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