God's Wrath? Trump's Mansion In Bullseye of Biggest Hurricane in History

God’s Wrath? Trump’s Mansion In Bullseye of Biggest Hurricane in History

Conservatives have always loved to blame natural disasters on anything but science. Usually some form of expression of bigotry, hate, and fanaticism. It’s as if they think it absolves them of responsibility for anything more than “hope and prayers” or “our thoughts are with you” in response.

And now there’s the modern wrinkle, whatever role they and their idols of hate and greed may have played in denying the truth and letting pollution reach the point it changes the climate, whipping up the fury of nature. They need to absolve themselves of that culpability too. So blame it on the gays, of course. Say it’s God’s wrath for not stoning and lynching and burning at the stake and walling off anyone, well, ultimately everyone who isn’t like them, basically.

But whenever it seems like one of their own is in the cross-hairs, one of the apostate pretenders to twist the gospel and pretend to have God’s antenna in their head, well, then… God’s wrath? Why, don’t be silly! Or, um, sure but on the gays, or the… well, whatever. You get the point. Just as long as they are always “holier than thou”.

Well, now Hurricane Irma, a monster storm unlike any the world has seen before in recorded history, has slammed into the Caribbean Isle of St. Maarten, where President Donald Trump’s twenty-eight million dollar mansion, “Le Chateau des Palmiers” (Castle of the Palms) sat directly on the beach of of the small French Protectorate island about 230 miles east of Puerto Rico.

This is the scene in St. Maarten now:

HURRICANE IRMA HITS ST. MARTIN This is after the storm rolled through Caribbean island. – Florida is in the 5 day cone. Irma is projected as a category 3 storm this weekend – ***Like my page Mike Trim WPTV to see updates like this in your newsfeed***Video courtesy of RCI Guadeloupe

Mike Trim WPTV 发布于 2017年9月6日

Now, Trump’s tropical paradise mansion which likely just got taken out by what Trump calls a “Chinese hoax” was for sale for $28 million dollars, a price slashed by “more than $11 million” recently, the Washington Post reported in August. Probably, despite the 8 foot wall around it, the property value just went down a bit, huh?

This is probably not good news, either, for the two shell Corporations Trump used to hide his ownership and probably evade some taxes or something. I’m just saying, you know, if past is prologue… Trump owns the property through Excel Venture I LLC and Excel Venture Corp II, because hey, why not have two Caribbean tax shelters instead of just one, right?

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Of course, it’s also possible that even after a serious drubbing by the very thumb of God, Trump (oh, sorry, I mean “Excel Venture”) may sell the property anyhow, and for much more than the asking price. Maybe to some Russian oligarchs? Or some corporation or special interest looking to grease the President’s palm? As the Washington Post noted;

“Ethics experts have warned that entering into such a deal while he is in office could raise potential conflicts of interest and attract buyers seeking to overpay as a way to curry favor with the president.”

Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma is now bearing down on more targets, with Florida due for landfall by Sunday. I’m sure that Trump and the rest of the conservatives and pretenders are polishing up their hopes and prayers even now. And while they’re sure to say the victims are in their thoughts, you can be sure they’re thinking of ways to shift the blame, and any responsibility.

Some, I’m looking at you, web-TV carnival barker Glenn Beck, and you, Christian Sharia proponent and terrible debater Ken Ham, will be sure to insist this can’t have anything to do with our changing Climate. Others, and now I’m looking at you, “shameless hate peddler” Ann Coulter, and you, convicted evangelical conman Jim Bakker, and you, Westboro Baptist “Church”, will blame the gays (or whoever seems convenient).

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For myself, while I think science is both the way to understand the problem and find the solutions, I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, there’s a little bit of God’s wrath involved in this one. Not for anyone trying to find joy and love and happiness in their short lives even if it makes some prudes squeamish or flies in the face of their mechanisms of power. No, I think this is, just maybe, just perhaps, God steering the storm a little to say “thou shalt not take the name of the Lord, thy God, in vain”. And by that, I think, he means not an exclamation of “Goddammit” when you stub your toe, but rather taking evil actions in his name, or claiming “prayers” are enough. They’re not.

Featured image via Twitter.