Pope Francis: It's Not 'Class Warfare,' It's Church Doctrine

Pope Francis To ‘Class Warfare’ Crybabies: ‘It Is I Who Follows The Church’ (VIDEO)

Sorry, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity and Marco Rubio: If you’re still claiming to be Catholic, then God’s not with you any more…If He ever was. Sure, Pope Francis’ squishiness on LGBT issues and women’s reproductive rights may lull you into thinking you’re still good Catholics. Yet, a central tenet of your religion insists that the Pope is the Head of the Church, and his Word is the Infallible Word of God: And guess what? Your Pope is a flaming liberal.

Last week Pope Francis toured his native South America and, as covered by Debbie Montesano here at Reverb Press, he preached against income inequality and the kind of power and exploitation that creates poverty around the world:

The pope’s current tour of South America is sending him back into the arms of the people he came from — the poor, the disadvantaged, the masses that he hopes are creating a grassroots movement for change. In coming to the aid of those on the wrong end of income inequality, Francis called the pursuit of wealth “the dung of the devil.” During a speech in Bolivia, he took capitalists severely to task for exploiting poor countries for their raw materials and cheap labor.

“Dung of the Devil?” Whoa, that’s mighty strong language for the Pope of what Rick Santorum and company think is the Catholic Church. During his trip, Pope Francis also railed against the “relentless pursuit of profit,” and declared that we’re “sacrificing human lives on the altar of money.”

If U.S. leaders who call themselves Catholics were hoping Pope Francis would dial back on the egalitarian hopey-changey stuff once he settled in, they can kiss that goodbye. Throughout his tour of South America, Pope Francis repeatedly railed against poverty, income inequality, the exploitation of the poor, and the pursuit of wealth.

Pope Francis doubles down on social justice: Sorry, right-wingers.

Then, on Sunday, Pope Francis held a press conference as he prepared to fly back to Rome. Flying in the the face of those who accuse him of  “class warfare” and other so-called leftist crimes, Pope Francis vehemently defended his economic message, and told CNN he’s not fomenting “class warfare,” he’s simply preaching the core teachings of the Catholic church:

“It is I who follow the church It’s not a fight against an enemy, it’s catechism.”

By “catechism,”Pope Francis means that caring for the poor and demanding economic and social justice for ourselves and our fellow human beings is not just some political thing, it’s a CORE DOCTRINE of the Catholic Church. Right-wing evangelical Christians here in the U.S. have long found allies in the American Catholic Church, especially when it comes to sexual morality and other bogus beliefs that are falsely attributed to the Bible…But that’s changing scarily fast.

Although Pope Francis hasn’t come out to say birth control and abortion are okay, he did quite pointedly say Catholics don’t need to “breed like rabbits” back in January. The Pope’s still “pro-life,” but he’s also pro-quality of life. As for folks in the LGBT communities, Pope Francis hasn’t come out for them, and probably never will…But unlike his predecessors, he’s at least reached out.

Here’s CNN’s report on Pope Francis’ wildly popular visit to South America.

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