A Trump Presidency Is Lighting A Fire Under The 'Christian Left'

A Trump Presidency Is Lighting A Fire Under The Much Forgotten ‘Christian Left’

By Getting Behind Trump, The Christian Right Shot Themselves In The Foot, And Opened The Door For The Christian Left To Grow

Evangelical” right wing Christians came out and supported Donald Trump in droves in the 2016 election despite the fact that the dude is anything but Christian. Come on, a guy who has been married multiple times who brags about grabbing, well, you know what? Not exactly the best representative for Christianity.

But, the fact that he said he thinks women who have abortions should be punished went down well with those who are obsessed with the subject. And, his choice of extreme homophobe Mike Pence was welcome indeed. So, the Christian Right seem more than willing to toss out their morals to vote for a candidate that will uphold their (questionable) values as the Huffington Post states.

“Many of Trump’s Christian supporters claim the candidate will guide the country on a more ethical path by appointing Supreme Court judges who will oppose abortion and ensure legal protection for those who reject same-sex marriage.”

Fortunately, while the Christian Right begin to look more ridiculous for their blatant hypocrisy in voting for Trump, a power void seems to be developing that could be filled by a group with real ethics and morals and that is the much forgotten Christian who are offering hope where the Christian Right helped bring America despair, as the Washington Post points out.

“Progressive, faith-rooted advocacy organizations, such as Faith in Public Life, Auburn Seminary and Sojourners, have all reported surges in donations and interest in activism since November, and are now organizing to counter any number of Trump’s policy proposals. Meanwhile, progressive Christians long absent from Sunday worship are returning to church in droves.”

The Christian Left? It’s a thing? Indeed it is and it really does offer a glowing light in comparison to the Christian Right. The Huffington Post looked into the Christian Left back in 2015 and summed it up perfectly.

“The basic idea behind the Christian Left is that they feel called upon to behave as closely to the way that Jesus behaved as possible, following his first commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Yep. That’s pretty much it for their dogma.”

And with this view, the Christian Left look ready to lead the way in a welcome crusade against Trump and his ilk. A perfect example of this is the Christian Left group called Faith in Public Life who held an interfaith, inclusive, “clergy led press conference” on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to address their displeasure with Trump and the people he is surrounding himself with.

“As President-elect Trump unveils a team of advisors filled with anti-immigrant, Islamophobic and white supremacist figures, faith leaders are responding with a bold rebuke. Over 1,000 have already signed a public letter condemning Trump’s Cabinet of Bigotry.”

Wow, that’s a most welcome position, indeed!

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Back in August, when a Trump presidency was all but unthinkable, another welcome voice in certified biblical counsellor, freelance writer and someone clearly on the Christian Left, Chara Donahue. She wrote an article for Faithful Democrats expressing concern about Trump and those who claim to be Christian yet cast their vote for him.

“We want justice for the rape victim, the racially profiled, and the victims of terror, but how will we find it when children who know nothing of building walls come home from school asking if their Latino friends are going to be kicked out of the country? I have asked myself time and time again, “Who is voting for this guy? How did he win the Hispanic vote in Nevada? What Evangelical can reconcile Trump’s opinions with those of Jesus’? Is this real life or reality television?””

The rise of the Christian Left is just what America AND Christianity need right now after both were sold up the creek by the Christian Right when they got behind Donald Trump.

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