Arizona is Literally Melting - 'Chinese Hoax' My A*s!

Arizona is Literally Melting – ‘Chinese Hoax’ My A*s!

There is no debate that anthropogenic climate change is occurring. When humanity releases an unprecedented amount of greenhouse gases into the air, it traps heat from the sun, causing the planet to warm up at an alarming rate. While the oceans can absorb some of the gases in the air, it comes at the cost of acidification, which impacts the global ecosystem.

And yet, despite these facts and despite 97 percent of scientists saying global warming is a problem, you still have a major political party in this country championing the opposite. We are of course talking about the Republicans, and their leader President Donald Trump, who infamously stated that he believed it to be a Chinese hoax in 2012.

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As has proven to be the case, debating this issue with Republicans is pointless as they have their monetary loyalties to corporate lobbyists like Exxon-Mobil that benefit from a lack of environmental regulatory standards. Instead, a visual presentation might work, and what better sample to use than a prominent red state like Arizona. Here, specifically in Phoenix, temperatures are notoriously hot during the summer, with the current heat at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius.

Things have gotten so bad that Phoenix has become a literal melting pot, with airplanes, mailboxes, street signs, flora, shoes, and many other items are all merging with the asphalt of the road:

The sad thing is, despite all of this blatant evidence in a city that resides in a state governed by a Republican governor, there is a good chance that there will not be any action done by the GOP. They are so concerned about getting funds raised for their campaigns, that they are willing to let innocent Americans suffer. This heatwave in Phoenix is not the first US territory to be impacted by the effects of manmade climate change. Hurricanes have destroyed cities in the past, California is experiencing a drought, and forest fires are ravaging the south.

These are just a few of the many horrendous things that will occur if no action is taken. But what to expect from a President that pulled us out of the Paris Climate accord.

Image a Tweet from @SoCalVall