After Devastating Spill Keystone XL Pipeline Still Approved

Breaking: After Devastating Spill, Keystone XL Pipeline Still Approved

The Keystone has been approved

One of the greatest environmental battles to occur in the history of the United States happened during the Obama Administration over the Keystone Pipeline. Proposed by the TransCanada Corporation, this pipeline would theoretically transfer tar sands from Canada to the United States. The conservative argument for this system was that it would not only create jobs, but also help lessen United States energy dependence on foreign sources (namely Saudi Arabian oil).

Of course, these statements were either over-exaggerated or outright lies. According to the current State Department, the pipeline would only create 50 jobs, and while American refineries would be the primary benefactors of the fuel, it would come at the cost of massive environmental pollution given the dirtier nature of tar sands. There was also the fact that this infringed on Native American lands, which prompted widespread support from many groups including veterans and celebrities.

Well unfortunately, while that succeeded in convincing the Obama Administration, it has not done anything to change the minds of Nebraska Republicans and the corrupt Trump Administration. As The Washington Post reports, the Nebraska Public Service Commission officially approved the Keystone XL, allowing its construction to go about uninhibited. This comes, even after the massive spill from earlier this week that saw over 200,000 gallons of oil spill onto the South Dakota landscape, indicating that Republicans at both the state and federal level have no interest in preserving the environment.