What the Frack? Dakota Pipeline Backers Spending Big at Trump Hotels

What the Frack? Dakota Pipeline Backers Spending Big at Trump Hotels

Fracking Lobby Set To Scratch Trump Back Through D.C. Hotel

As racist Republican Donald Trump fails through his time in the Oval Office, scrutiny of his businesses and who is patronizing them continues to raise eyebrows. If he had fully disconnected himself from them, it might not be a problem. But since most experts agreed he didn’t, the scrutiny is certainly deserved.

A recent study by watchdog group Public Citizen found interest groups, foreign governments and campaign committees continue dumping money into his properties. And it’s hard to believe all of the spenders just happen to innocently choose a Trump property to have their events, as noted by the head of Public Citizen.

“There is no way to escape the conclusion that these events are being held at the Trump properties as a way to curry favor with the president,” said Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen. “It’s just extraordinarily unlikely that these groups have an affinity for the Trump brand [that’s] so great [that’s] unrelated to the fact that the president happens to be named Trump.”

The biggest spender was a key Middle East ally, Saudi Arabia. A public relations firm spent $270,000 on behalf of the Saudi government at the Trump International Hotel in D.C.

And, of course, the apparent conflicts of interest aren’t stopping anytime soon. The Intercept highlighted another group headed to the property of Donald Trump in the coming weeks: the fracking lobby.

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They noted those involved will hold their “annual oil and gas industry lobbying event principally focused on influencing federal officials” at none other than Trump’s D.C. hotel.

The Independent Petroleum Association of America will hold its 2018 “Congressional Call-Up” lobbying event at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. from March 5 to 7. The agenda, which is publicly available, includes a meeting with officials in Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as meetings for conference attendees that will take place at the hotel…

The IPAA has long lobbied aggressively to approve the Dakota Access pipeline, the infrastructure project designed to lower the costs associated with fracking the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota. In February 2017, following months of protests by environmental activists, the Trump administration moved to greenlight the pipeline. In its first six months of operation, the pipeline experienced five spills.

This reality comes on the heels of an employee from that hotel recently admitting “he’s definitely still involved” and had met with Trump just “a few weeks ago”.

Mother Jones asked a group of experts what they viewed as the worst abuses by Donald Trump in his first year. The answers mostly pointed at his conflicts of interest with his businesses and his “failure to establish a genuine blind trust” for his assets.

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It’s abundantly clear groups are looking to use the properties of Donald Trump to get on the president’s good side. And as long as his EPA keeps doing things to harm the planet and our future, the lobbyists will be more than happy to keep the money coming.

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