George W. Bush's EPA Head Tears Into 'Emperor' Trump Over 'Dangerous' Environmental Policy

George W. Bush’s EPA Head Tears Into ‘Emperor’ Trump Over ‘Dangerous’ Environmental Policy

Christine Todd Whitman Ripped Donald Trump on the Environment and it was epic

Former Republican governor of New Jersey and ex-head of the Environmental Protection Agency under George W. Bush, Christine Todd Whitman, just excoriated Donald Trump and his harebrained ideas on energy and environmental policy. In an interview with Mother Jones’ Climate Desk, Whitman didn’t hold back in ridiculing Trump for his outdated ideas and sounded the warning bells on how dreadful a Trump presidency would be for the environment.

Trump, of course, denies climate change is man-made and has no interest in worrying about the future when it comes to this issue. Unless one of his golf courses is threatened. Then, he’s willing to fully accept climate change is a massive problem and action needs to be taken immediately to combat what we can of the oncoming climate disasters.

Whitman first points out how little Trump appears to know about environmental issues in general:

I don’t think he has a full grasp…of the issues. He’s [m]aking moves that I believe are totally contrary to the health and well-being of the country and the citizens, when you talk about walking away from [the Paris Agreement], when you talk about having a need to restart coal plants. He should know that the reason a lot of the coal plants are shutting down now has nothing to do with environmental regulations and everything to do with economics and the low price of natural gas, which he also wants to encourage. So those two things run counter to one another…He’s talking about rolling back the clock, which I think is very dangerous.

Whitman is not alone in ripping Trump for wanting to trash the Paris Agreement. Secretary of State John Kerry recently ripped Trump by calling his idea of tearing up the agreement the world worked so long and hard for an act of “utter unbelievable contemptuous ignorance”.

And it’s not just environmental issues Christine Todd Whitman believes Donald Trump doesn’t understand. According to Governor Whitman, Donald Trump isn’t even aware of the powers of the office he is running to win:

He’s not an emperor, but he doesn’t seem to get it. He is going to try to push the powers of the presidency, the boundaries. He doesn’t seem to understand the Constitution or really care much about it.

In other words, Trump is going to try to run the White House and government with the same heavy-handedness he has run his businesses and it’s not going to work. The biggest question regarding that is: when would he figure that out if he were to become president? A year? Two? Three? Ever?

Considering the dire state of the environment and how important it is for action to be taken sooner rather than later, Whitman is rightfully worried about Trump’s ability to govern. Putting off doing more to combat climate change for another presidency is unacceptable and a Trump White House would set everything back years, maybe even decades.

Christine Todd Whitman becomes another in a long line of Republicans alerting the country to the danger of Donald Trump in the White House. He’s a danger to the world and even many rational Republicans are trying to tell us that.

Will the country listen? Let’s hope…

Featured image by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images.