These Children Are Standing Up to Trump in Court

Kids v. Trump – These Children Are Standing Up to the World’s Biggest Bully in Court

One underrated aspect of the climate change debate is the impact it will have on future generations. We are so concerned about how it is hurting us now, that we do not always think about our children and subsequently our grandchildren, who will face worse challenges if nothing is done.

However, we also often forget just how smart kids are not only about the world, but politics in general. One group, in particular, is going the next step by taking direct legal action against the Trump Administration. In August 2015, a lawsuit was filed against the Obama Administration for its inability to get the country off of fossil fuels by a group of children sponsored by the nonprofit group Our Children’s Trust. While the former President did have some accomplishments with regards to preserving the environment, the record was admittedly a let-down compared to what could have been done.

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As Natasha Geiling of “ThinkProgress” points out, the Administration attempted to have the suit dismissed, only to have their motion denied by Federal Judge Ann Aiken. Now that Trump has taken over as President, the suit has been changed to target his White House instead. As many readers are aware, Trump sincerely believes that global warming is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese, and recently pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement as a result of this idiotic view.

Like with Obama, the Trump Administration attempted to have the case immediately dismissed, only for Judge Aiken to once again deny their request. Speaking on the matter, plaintiff Alex Loznak had this to say about the victory:

“The more evidence we gather for our case, the more I realize how decisively we can win at trial. It’s no wonder the Trump administration wants to avoid the trial by seeking an unwarranted, premature appeal. Today’s ruling brings us one step closer to trial and to winning our lawsuit.”

The case has been titled Juliana v. United States, named after one of the plaintiffs Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana. If they manage to get this heard by the Supreme Court, it will be a landmark hearing on not only environmental law, but climate change in general. We wish these kids good luck!

Featured image by Hepingting, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.