Congressman's Sick Racist Attack on Emma Gonzalez Blows Up In His Face - Could End Up In Jail

Congressman’s Sick Racist Attack on Emma Gonzalez Blows Up In His Face – Could End Up In Jail

Iowa Congressman Steve King is in Big Trouble

On Sunday, March 25th, Iowa Congressman Steve King tweeted a clearly racist, “alternative facts” based attack on Emma Gonzalez, the firebrand survivor of the Valentines Day mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida who has become an instant celebrity and a formidable activist in the wake of the attack.

This is atrocious, What kind of Congress is this? Are they members of the mafia? Threatening kids who had their school shot up.”
King left the tweet up just long enough for his racist base to notice, and then deleted it as the backlash from more sensible folks who also noticed came in. But now, he probably regrets ever posting it at all – because it started the ball rolling on something that could get him in serious trouble.

King is well known for his history of shameless racism and sexism. During the Obama years he was a cheerleader for the likewise racist, and “alternative facts” based “Birther” movement, which insisted that President Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii – despite clear evidence to the contrary. King even once asked on CNN what non-white races ever did for humanity, leaving mouths agape on the screen and around the country. And since Trump and his neo-nationalist movement began, he’s been even more open about it than ever.

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But now an ethics investigation has been launched into King after the resistance watchdog group The Democratic Coalition Against Trump submitted a request to the House Office of Congressional Ethics. In the request, they ask the Ethics Office to look into his racist tweet.

“This is atrocious,” Dworkin told Reverb Press. “What kind of Congress is this? Are they members of the mafia? Threatening kids who had their school shot up. Who watched their friends get shot and die in front of their eyes… Congress should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one.”

And there’s more. The group ALSO ask the Ethics Office to look into serious financial improprieties uncovered by the watchdog group in the course of their investigation. As reported by the Iowa paper of record, the Des Moines Register, King has a long history of employing his family in ways the paper calls “unusual“.

According to Dworkin, from 2004 to 2017 King has paid $805,000 to members of his own family. And King’s son has received more than $32,000 from “Keep The Promise I”, an independent group which backed Ted Cruz during the 2016 election. Dworkin noted that the payment from Keep The Promise to King’s son was “interesting” given the revelations about Cambridge Analytica, the scandal plagued data (and dirty tricks) firm that worked with Cruz, before switching to the Trump campaign.

And now, the House Ethics Office will not only be investigating if King behaved unethically with his latest bigoted BS, but also whether or not he improperly funneled “tens of thousands” of dollars to members of his family, through his campaign.

So, there’s a strong possibility that this could lead to the penitentiary, before all is said and done.

And, there’s even more. The watchdog group also plans to file a separate request for an ethics investigation into Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, for allowing King’s racist behavior without consequence.

So, all in all, I bet Steve King wishes he’d kept his racist lies to himself now. And Paul Ryan probably does too.

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Featured image composite by Reverb Press; Emma Gonzalez by Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM, U.S. Representative Steve King (R-IA), by Scott Olson/Getty Images.