Dr. Willie Wilson: A Dem Candidate The DNC Doesn’t Want You To Know About (Interview, Part 1)

Dr. Willie Wilson: A Dem Candidate The DNC Doesn’t Want You To Know About (Interview, Part 1)

Dr. Willie Wilson  is one of 18 candidates running in the 2016 Democratic ticket for President.

Willie Wilson was born in Gilbert, Louisiana in a family of 11 siblings.  His parents were sharecroppers and taught all their children workmanship skills and the value of hard work.  It would be these skills that Dr. Wilson would later in life apply to his business ventures.

At the age of 13 he ran away from home and found a job at a farm in Florida picking potatoes and butter beans. After a few years working on the farm, Dr. Wilson relocated to Chicago and found employment at McDonald’s for $2/hr. His responsibilities required him to empty garbage cans, flip burgers, and make French Fries.  He alleges he never took a day off from work at McDonald’s.  After a few years working behind the counter, Wilson took on the challenge of owning several McDonald’s chains, five in total around Chicago.

Although he enjoyed working for McDonald’s and was appreciative of the opportunities he had with them, after ten plus years of association, he decided to change careers.  He partnered with a medical supply company in Beijing and managed the distribution deals in offices around the country in Chicago, New York, Los Angles, and Tennessee.  After this venture, it was then that he decided to dedicate his life work to God.  Dr. Wilson is a devout Christian and has recorded six gospel records.  He’s also has a nationally syndicated gospel TV show on WGN-TV America called SingStation.

Initially, Dr. Wilson got into politics because he was disappointed with Chicago’s public school system. He felt the system had failed the children of his community, he estimates about 80 percent of the schools had failed to meet the standard requirements of STEM.  The graduation rate as of 2015 in Chicago is 69.8 percent.  According to Juan Perez Jr of the Chicago Tribune, “Chicago Public Schools [experienced] lowered four years of inflated high school graduation rates to account for a higher-than-advertised dropout rate, another blow to a district beset by financial and professional turmoil.”  Numbers like these are what led Wilson into action to change the plight of Chicago children and set them on a better, brighter path.

He ran for mayor of Chicago and came in third with almost 11 percent of the vote.

In 2015, Dr. Willie Wilson announced his was running for President of the United States of America in 2016.

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On October 17 I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Willie Wilson by phone about his candidacy, his policy stances, and the challenges he has faced to get the Democratic National Committee and other Democratic officials to take his candidacy seriously.  He feels as though he is being blacklisted by the party.  However, Dr. Wilson is used to the challenges of running for office and will not be intimidated by bureaucracy.  In fact, during my interview with him, he revealed he had a very difficult time getting his name on the ballot in the mayor race in Chicago.  Six weeks before the election he finally managed to get his name on the ballot in that race.

Many citizens speculate that politic is the rich man’s game.  When the Supreme Court passed Citizen United, it seemed like the barrage of “dirty money” in politics worsened, free-information died, and the Super Pac’s strengthened their power in elections and over the politicians.  You know it’s bad when the politicians cannot control the Pac’s that support the politician.  I asked Dr. Wilson how he felt about the bureaucracy in politics.  He believes politics should be about the people, not corporations and money.  Citizens are not for sale. He wants to put politics back in the hand of the citizens and he wholeheartedly supports Campaign Reform.

“The election cycle should be free and not reliant on money.  The people, the citizens should sponsor campaign’s not the 1 percent. Elections should be free [so] that every person, including those with limited funds can be a part of the process.  [I believe] it should be sponsored by the taxpayers so everybody can have equal opportunity to get into the race.”

It seems the avenue of elections has become:

“Elitist and an [exclusive] country club that limits speech and participation.”

This is the uphill battle that Wilson faces today as a Democratic candidate.

“If you’re not sanctioned by the party if doesn’t matter, you cannot get on the ballot, unless [of course] you have the dollars to add your name on the ballot.”

Dr. Wilson makes it clear that:

“The Democratic Party should not be in the business of limiting people from the process but they are. No longer can one claim the party is divided by race. It’s now divided by [zip code], which [consequentially] continues to affect the opportunities of minorities.”

What’s really alarming about the elitism is that it’s:

“Beyond the division of black and white, there’s division among black people too in [politics]. It’s truly about the money. I definitely support campaign reform.”

Dr. Wilson feels blessed he’s been lucky in business so that he can fund his own campaign.

“I will not be pushed aside by the [Democratic National Committee].  I know my rights.  Without a doubt I support campaign reform, so that the poorest among the poor [can have a voice and position] in politics too.”

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