Many of us have dreamed of taking down Rush Limbaugh’s corrosive hate machine. #StopRush is slowly but surely getting the job done with their ultimate weapon: Limbaugh’s own vile, hateful words.

Actually, #StopRush isn’t really an organization, it’s an anti-Limbaugh web page and a Twitter hash tag. The StopRush.Net web page provides a frequently updated list of Limbaugh’s advertisers with email, phone, website, Twitter and Facebook information so we can contact them and ask them to stop supporting hate radio. The #StopRush hashtag serves as a message board for activists, followers. and, alas, their nasty pro-Limbaugh trolls.

The #StopRush hashtag also houses what may be the most complete collection of bilious Rush Limbaugh quotes known to humankind. If you don’t believe us, scroll down. And what we’ve gathered is just the top of the junk heap. Thanks to a deluge of messages — including the ones we’ve featured from Twitter, 3,170 of Limbaugh’s sponsors have pulled their ads and counting.

Naturally, Limbaugh cries foul, and deployed his $900-per-hour “digital strategist for crisis and beyond,” Brian Glicklich, whose website boasts:

I’m not the person to call when you want to tickle someone with a feather. I’m the person to call when losing is simply not an option.

Although Limbaugh claims most of the #StopRush tweets come from “only 10 people,” the fact that Limbaugh hired someone who says they’re the one “to call when losing isn’t an option,” probably means he’s losing. Glicklich then whined to The Daily Signalabout how those horrible liberals are so hateful and intolerant towards Limbaugh’s hate and intolerance:

“It’s a cynical form of intimidation and harassment and business destruction that targets speech a small group of extremists and bullies find disagreeable.”

But wait. Nobody’s intimidating or harassing the businesses who sponsor — knowingly or unknowingly — Limbaugh’s show. Their contact information is publicly available and people have every right to let them know about the vileness their ad dollars are supporting.  The same First Amendment right to free speech that allows Limbaugh to spew hate and vitriol also allows others to speak out against it. In fact, Unite Blue reports that Limbaugh and Glicklich have done the real bullying by releasing the names and physical locations of several activists and unleashing their spiteful paid trolls onto the #StopRush feed to post comments like the lovely examples below from “Roy Rogers.”

Funny! The more #stoprush blocks you the more you own the hashtag. WINNING!

Roy Rogers @Roy_Rogers @SaCDav FLOTUS = Fat Load of Totally Useless Sh!t #uniteblue #stoprush #libcrib

Furthermore, one could argue that Limbaugh’s dubious exercise of his “right to free speech” amounts to falsely shouting “fire” in a crowded movie theater. Deliberately spreading false information and sowing fear and hatred creates an ongoing danger to others that the media should at least counter with equal airtime for an alternative point of view. Unfortunately, our nation’s news outlets have not been required to present “fair and balanced” information since Ronald Reagan’s administration gutted the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine back in 1986.

Conservatives like Limbaugh are always going on and on about holding people accountable. As Unite Blue aptly points out, consumers (and in America, we are all consumers) have the right — and the duty — to hold Limbaugh’s toxic hate machine accountable for all the damage it causes to our society.

Finally, Rush Limbaugh is being held accountable for a business model that relies on using sexist attacks, preying on racial anxieties, peddling hate, and promoting downright lies to generate controversy and ratings. For years, Limbaugh had a perverse incentive to bully, lie, and smear because he knew he’d be rewarded. The more outrageous his show was, the higher his ratings and revenues would climb.

#StopRush Tweets Limbaugh’s Greatest Hits.

In case you’ve missed Limbaugh’s radio shows over the years and have no idea what all the fuss is about, the folks on #StopRush have been listening and gathering quotes, so you don’t have to.

Joniand others tweeted the above quote to companies demanding, “#PublicRelations Would you want your product/services advertised on this show? Guessing it’s NO.”

“What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants to take you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps.”

Nikluk points out Limbaugh’s hypocritical and harsh stance on the “War on Drugs” from Oct. 5, 1995, given that Limbaugh got busted for abusing his Oxycontin prescription 11 years later.

“If people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be sent up.”

NikLuk then followed up by tweeting an image of Limbaugh’s arrest information to a car dealer with the following message:

“I am a Veteran. I am car shopping but would NEVER buy a car from a Lying Limbaugh sponsor. #StopRush”

CC2ARMSHQ added the above photo of Limbaugh’s release statement to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

“Drug dealers & stealing are thugs…but if u are rich, Upay your way out… and become respectibobobol #stoprush”

Sarah Fournier tweeted Limbaugh’s appalling reaction to a rape victim’s testimony to Limbaugh’s $900-per-hour “digital strategist” Brian Glicklich

Limbaugh: Now she’s on the stand in our first video clip here trying to explain when this happened. I think she got raped or some such thing like that, and — and — she’s trying to explain to the jury and the judge and all the lawyers, everybody in court, how it happens. And well, just. It speaks for itself.

Unidentified Woman: He lifted my nightgown and he put his finger in my rectum…
[Limbaugh falls forwward collapsing in gales of laughter]

Limbaugh: I’m so — I’m so — I’m trying not to laugh, as you can see…

Melon Monroe tweeted the Draft Kings — a fantasy sports outfit — and took their CEO Jason Robins to task for supporting the kind of person who would say something like THIS on the air:

“Take that bone out of your nose and call me back” (Rush Limbaugh talking to an African-American caller back in the 1970’s)

#Advocate4Advocates took exception to Limbaugh’s claim that NYPD Officer Pantaleo did not use a chokehold against Eric Garner, as if “carotid restriction” is something better than a “chokehold.”

“I’m listening to experts in police departments around the country that I know tell me it’s not a chokehold. It might have been carotid restriction, but it was not a chokehold.”

But wait, there’s more… #Advocate4Advocates also tweeted a report from Crooks and Liars with Limbaugh blaming Garner’s murder on high taxes and tobacco shaming, not racism and police brutality.

“Radio host Rush Limbaugh asserted on Sunday that Eric Garner had not died because police put him in an illegal chokehold, but because of high taxes and because tobacco use had been stigmatized in the US.

The conservative talker told Fox News host Chris Wallace that protests in the wake of decisions not to prosecute police officers who
killed Eric Garner and michael Brown were part of a ‘grievance politics’ that was “tearing this country apart.”

Oh, and Nikluk was only able to fit four of Limbaugh’s many Pants-on-Fire-level lies, as called out by the nonpartisan PolitiFact, on the above image:

  • “Obama regime planned the influx of illegal alien children at the
  • Says the media created the term “polar vortex” and the cold air proves
    “the ice isn’t melting.”
  • Says it’s not “accidental” that the villain in the batman movie is
    named Bane.
  • “Obamacare is…the largest tax increase in history of the world.”

CMMorgan wanted to remind us of Rush Limbaugh’s  callous views on feeding children lunch and other meals at school to ensure low-income students get enough to eat.

“If you feed them, if you feed the children three square meals a day during the school year, how can you expect them to feed themselves in the summer? Wanton little waifs and serfs dependent on the State. Pure and simple.”

… and the professor couldn’t resist chiming in with Limbaugh’s dumpster diving tips for feeding hungry children during the summer: “At least Marie Antoinette offered cake. Limbaugh offers NOTHING!”

“There’s always the neighborhood dumpster. Now, you might find competition with homeless people there, but there are videos that have been produced to show you how to healthfully dine and how to dumpster dive and survive until school kicks back up in August.”

Janice Henning scolded I Heart Radio, which “pays Limbaugh for hate like this NATIONALLY,” and tweetedLimbaugh’s nasty quote about the NAACP:

“The NAACP should have riot rehearsals.”

Snarkcasm couldn’t resist pointing out that on November 25, Limbaugh claimed:

“We always keep this show on the straight and narrow because we know children are listening.”

Then, less than two weeks later, Limbaugh came up with this Beavis and Butthead-worthy doozy about Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy:

 “Hillary Clinton said we need to empathize with our enemies. She meant enemas but said enemies.”

Snarkcasm also blasted sponsors and college sports for supporting Limbaugh’s attempt at speaking “a little Negro dialect” on Feb. 19, 2010.

“Yes, I spoke a little Negro dialect there. I can do that when I, when I want to.” The Rush Limbaugh Show, February 19, 2010.

Gee, we sure would have loved to have heard that.

Oh, and on Dec. 4, Limbaugh claimed smokers deserve a medal because the taxes he so adamantly opposes go to fund children’s health care, which Limbaugh also opposes. REALLY?

 “Smokers deserve a medal. Tax revenue from sale of cigarettes is used 2 fund children’s health care.”

Snarkcasm also urged teachers and unions in Missouri not to support the advertisers who pay for the ugly things Limbaugh has to say about public and higher education:

  • 3/3 “Most college professors are communist sympathizers.”
  • 7/14 “Fringe lunatic leftists – otherwise known as college professors.”
  • 9/29 “NEA doesn’t want schools to teach capitalism. Teachers just want raises.”
  • 10/23 “Kids are pummeled every day with how rotten this country is.”
  • 11/21 “Young skulls full of mush. Students are not being taught properly.”
  • 11/24 “How desperately bad public education is!”

end hate radio asked one of Limbaugh’s advertisers, “why do you sponsor this giant stinking stain of hate?” and posted the following quote objecting to anti-rape policies.

“Seduction used to be an art, now of course it’s ‘brutish’ and it’s ‘predatory’ … [According to Ohio State policy,] consent must be freely given, can be withdrawn anytime, and the absence of “no” does not mean ‘yes.’ How many guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that no means yes if you know how to spot it? … Are these [policies] not lawsuits waiting to happen?”

On the sad anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, professor tweeted Uber with victims’ photos and a reference to Limbaugh’s reaction — in which he claimed we don’t need stricter gun laws because “excrement happens.”

“What if it is no more complicated than the guy just did it? In other words, excrement happens. That’s true. You can’t get funding for excrement happens. You can’t advance a political agenda on excrement happens. You can’t blame your political opponents for excrement happens. You can’t.”

Maumee Mom mentioned that maybe quotes like this one can explain why the GOP’s leadership has ditched Limbaugh for saying out loud the sentiments they want to keep on the down low.

“Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.”

CMMorgan asked a mortgage company that advertises with Limbaugh, “Do you stand with this vile hate,” and posts a “joke” about killing liberals:

 “I tell people don’t kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus — living fossils — so we’ll never forget what these people stood for.”

Sic Transit asked Home Depot, “Are you proud to sponsor a radio program that plays songs like “Barack the Magic Negro”? Just want to know. #StopRush.”

And now, you might ask, “What is ‘Barack, the Magic Negro?’” To which we shudderingly reply, THIS:

So-called “comedian” Paul Shanklin even has the nerve to “copyright” the danged thing, even though it’s based on the classic “Puff the Magic Dragon” by folk singers and ardent civil rights activists Peter Paul and Mary. Where are the copyright police when we need them, Warner Brothers RecordsAlas, Mary’s gone, but Peter and Paul are still around.

As this writer’s small contribution to the cause, she posted this to Peter Paul and Mary’s Facebook page, and tweeted Warner Brothers Records.

KAT tweeted Toyota to ask if Limbaugh’s fake Chinese gibberish rant, following a Jan. 19, 2011 speech by Chinese leader Hu Jintao reflects their company’s “core values.”

“Hu Jintao was just going “Ching cha, ching chang cho chow. Cha chow. ching cho. chi ba ba ba. Kwo kwa kwa kee. Cha ga ga. Ching chee chay. Ching zha bo ba. Chang cha. Chang cho chi che. Cha dee.  Ooooh chee bada ba. Jee jee cho ba.” Nobody was translating but that’s the closest I can get.”

And in response to Rush Limbaugh Show fans whining about liberals trying to censor him, Kat shared this gem of a quote from March 16, 2010 — before #StopRush existed — demanding that liberals should be censored, banned from computer keyboards and the Internet, and barred from buying guns.

“From this day forward, somebody propose it, liberals should not be allowed to buy guns. It’s just that simple. Liberals should have their speech controlled and not be allowed to buy guns. I mean if we want to get serious about this, if we want to face this head on, we’re gonna have to openly admit, liberals should not be allowed to buy guns, nor should they be allowed to use computer keyboards or typewriters, word processors or e-mails, and they should have their speech controlled. If we did those three or four things, I can’t tell you what a sane, calm, civil, fun-loving society we would have. Take guns out of the possession, out of the hands of liberals, take their typewriters and their keyboards away from ‘em, don’t let ‘em anywhere near a gun, and control their speech. You would wipe out 90% of the crime, 85 to 95% of the hate, and a hundred percent of the lies from society.”


Sara Fornier scoffed at Limbaugh for repeatedly claiming that there is no racism, just a “race industry.” and that “there is no poverty, just pple running air conditioners too much.”

Meanwhile, KittFitzFerguson slammed I Heart Radio for paying Limbaugh for “crap” like this callous remark.

“To a caller arguing that black people need to be heard: “They are 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

Snarkasm called out Limbaugh’s advertisers for supporting his lack of civility and childish name calling, and listed the following examples:

  • Pocahontas (Elisabeth Warren)
  • Cute Little Baby Fat (Mary Landrieu)
  • Joe Bite Me (Joe Biden)
  • Moochelle Obama (Michelle Obama)
  • Lurch (John Kerry)
  • Ruth Buzi Ginsburg (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
  • Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz (Debbie Wasserman Schultz)
  • Dingy Harry (Harry Reed)

And here, Snarkcasm smacks down advertisers in Central Missouri who helped spread misinformation and intensify racial tensions in Ferguson by supporting Limbaugh’s show and quotes like this.

“Have you ever noticed how all those composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse jackson?”

Oh, and as Garbo_Speaks reminds us, when Limbaugh’s not making offensive comments about blacks, women, and liberals, he’s making offensive comments about torture. The above tweet refers to that time Media Matters caught Rush Limbaugh joking repeatedly after the torture and abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib came to light.

“If you look at what we are calling torture, you have to laugh,” Rush Limbaugh once announced, and claimed “if somebody can be water- tortured six times a day, then it isn’t torture.” At the time of the Abu Ghraib scandal, Limbaugh routinely mocked the claims of prisoner abuse, which were confirmed by horrific photographs: “Here we have these pictures of homoeroticism that look like standard good old American pornography, the Britney Spears or Madonna concerts or whatever.” Limbaugh dismissed the prison torture as a “fraternity prank,” suggesting “Maybe the people who executed this pulled off a brilliant maneuver. Nobody got hurt. Nobody got physically injured.”

But… Oh, wait… We forgot about how Limbaugh also enjoys saying horrible things about Native Americans. Thanks for reminding us, Snarkcasm.

 “Holocaust?” Ninety million Indians? Only four million left? They all have casinos — what’s to complain about?”

Limbaugh even hates the pope. Melon Monroe posted NewsCorpse‘s meme quoting Limbaugh slamming Pope Francis:

“If it weren’t for capitalism, I don’t know where the Catholic Church would be. This is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the Pope.”

An ad by Physicians Mutual Group, which “provides a full portfolio of individual health and life insurance products,” particularly stuck in endhateradio’s craw. The user asked if they truly endorse Limbaugh’s “notion of healthcare?”

“You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun.”

#StopRush helped spark the first firestorm that drove sponsors away back in 2012, after Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut. Limbaugh still claims 15-20 million “ditto heads” tune in to him each day, but Business Insider did some special ratings math and revealed his daily audience is more like 1.4 million: The same as The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Alas, it’s hard to teach an old pig new tricks, and Limbaugh’s comments remain as offensive as ever.

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